Rivalry by Ayhelenk

This scene comes after The Old Times by Ayhelenk .
The Takariyama siblings are about to head back home yet Akiyama kept glued to them.

“So, dear brother-in-law, what do yo say?”
“Call me like that again and I´ll make sure you´ll end at the bottom of Tokyo Bay” grumbled Magnus “As if I am letting you have anything to do with my imouto!”

Ryo giggled, completely ignoring his pal´s annoyed expression.

“I think is a bit late to say that” he squinted just in time to get a good picture of Nova´s blushing cheeks. They were so red that they would put in shame any tomato “Right, Nova-chan?”

“DROP DEAD!” of course she remembered the kiss. The other day that jerk dared to steal her first kiss and she could still feel his lips over hers! The First Kiss by Ayhelenk

“What do you mean?!” a dangerous aura began to emanate from Magnus´s body “Nova, what the hell did he do… ?!”

Nova gulped. Magnus right now was behaving more like a true descendant of Dobrynya Nikitich than a member of the Takariyama family. Once you manage to awaken his bad side you´d better run!

“NOTHING, I SWEAR!” the last thing she wanted was to see a Macho vs Macho Celebrity Deadmatch happening at the moment. In fact, she dreaded physical fights “He ´s just imagining stuff”

Ryo shrugged his shoulders, trying not to burst in a laugh. So the little princess was doing her best to pretend it didn´t happen!

” I certainly am guilty of being a guy with plenty of imagination, Nova-chan” and before she could look anywhere else Ryo threw a kiss at her, causing her cheeks blush even more!

“BITE ME!” and she showed him the tongue as response. Then she proceeded to hog her beloved elder brother just like always “Brother, YOU´D BETTER WIN THE FAIR!”

Magnus smiled.

“OF COURSE I AM GOING TO WIN” he caressed her golden locks ” And then we´ll have a delightful afternoon walk around Shinjuku with our own Sailor Moon, right Akiyama-san?”

Ryo smirked. Of course he had to come up with one of the most ridiculous bets and he´d rather eat a ton of natto (and he so hated that delicacy with all his might) than doing such thing as cosplaying as the super moonie.

“Make sure to wax those hairy legs” added Nova, unable to resist the teasing “You´ll be wearing a mini skirt,  you know”

“Noted” replied Ryo well-humored “But right now, I´m thinking of Paris”

“UH?!” the siblings frowned at the same time, a bit puzzled.

“After I WIN , I´m thinking of taking you to Paris” he showed a wide, bright smile ” The Eiffel Tower is the best place to announce to the entire world about our engagement! And then we could visit the Louvre, Versailles and all the places you want. And there´s a little café where you can eat the best croissants from France…”

“KEEP DREAMING” Magnus wasn´t willing to let anyone put a hand towards his little sister. Akiyama, especially ” Nobody is buying that stuff anyways, right Nova?”

Nova opened her mouth but could not mutter any word. Magnus´s body felt the chills, why were her eyes showing a sudden spark?!

“…I always wanted to go to Paris…” she mumbled, already falling in a dreamy state “…ah…j´aime Paris! Vive la France!”

“NOVA!!” Magnus could not believe what he had just heard “ARE YOU CONSIDERING IT?!”

Why she suddenly was acting like a maiden in love?!

“UH?!” Nova finally went back to reality “Er…no! no! I just got…distracted”

Magnus had a suspicion that something already happened between his best friend and his adorable sister and was ready to find it out. He clenched his fists, ready to make the flamboyant Akiyama bird sing the song of confession via the good, old fashioned way  Streetfight had not the Ichijouji sisters chose to join them at that precise moment.

“Oi!!” greeted Hideko , the elder sister ” Glad we made it in time before you left the school”

“Good for you” grumbled Magnus “Because I am more than ready to put on use my fists”

“NO!” Nova shook her head with anxiousness and grabbed one of his arms “YOU WON´T! YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE VIOLENCE!”

Just a look at her pleading face and Magnus relented.  There was no way he could go against her adorableness . Besides the occasional bashing towards Akiyama she actually didn´t like seeing him pick up fights; Nova always assured that before using the hands a person should try to use all the alternatives first. Violence should only be the last retort.

“I am kicking his ass anyways in the fair” declared the elder brother “So what´s up, Hideko-sempai?”

The Ichijouji sisters were quite famous at school. Especially Hideko. The third year was the one who everybody looked up to. Ranked 1st place in the exams rankings, president of the student council and her IQ could rival Ami Mizuno´s had the latter been a RL person instead of an animé character.
And she was also the last person you´d like to piss off, she could prove to be even more terrifying that Sora Takenouchi´s ruthless temper!

Magnus and Ryo exchanged a look. They shared the same thought: let´s make it as brief as possible and get the hell outta here before she comes out with something sinister!

Because in terms of creepiness, she could pretty well rival Light Yagami´s. She SO had the Death Note´s aura!

And little Nagisa, who was 14 like Nova, wasn´t too far from that. Under that cute figure she too could be a really something. At least, that´s what Nova usually said and tried her best to avoid Nagisa´s presence.

“I heard about the bet” replied the cool sempai “And I am interested”

“WHAT?!” an incredulous chorus gasped at the same time.

Magnus And Ryo felt the impending arrival of a cold sweat.

“I´M IN”  Hideko showed a wide smile, filled of confidence  “HOW COULD I IGNORE SUCH DELIGHTFUL THING?”

The guys ´s faces turned blue. Nova grabbed her brother´s arm with more strength than intended. It was like playing the Russian roulette.

“I thought that you weren´t participating in the fair this year” Ryo was now sweating an ocean through his pores “With so many obligations and preparations for university…”

“Onee-chan can handle everything without a sweat, unlike certain people” Nagisa answered with contempt ” And her project´s been ready  ages ago!”

The lads sighed. Of course the number 1 was competing! How dare she let go an opportunity of collecting more prizes and add them into her large list of accomplishments?

“It´s just a silly bet…” they  tried to persuade the newcomer from joining which only served to increase her interest even more!

“Of course it´s silly” Hideko took both guys´s arms and delivered loving glares at them.  “Because only adorable fools like you two could come up with something so stupid and appealing at the same time. So I am placing my bet as well, isn´t the more the merrier?”

Nova shook her head with passion but the guys smiled in the end. They  remembered their own projects and   the colors returned to their faces. Heck! They were AWESOME!
They shouldn´t feel threatened by Ichijouji-san´s evil aura  when they had the best shots to get the prize this time…

“Why should I feel scared?” thought each guy “when I have the best of all? I AM GOING TO WIN DESPITE ICHIJOUJI “

“Only when it comes to sempai” said in unison.

“Oh! You seem to have gained some balls” Hideko whistled, slightly impressed. Those two usually acted as if being in the blues when she was around “ARE YOU THAT CONFIDENT YOU AR GOING TO WIN?”


“Awww, that´s adorable” she showed a pious smile. It was kinda of sweet looking at their hopeful faces when she knew right on the bat that she would crush their hopes and pride just like she always did….

“What are you betting, Hideko-sempai?”asked Ryo “Because ours is more like a truth or dare”

“This asshole will put on a catwalk in Shinjuku dressed as a moonie if I win the fair and he´ll get my sister if , God forbids, I lose” explained Magnus “What deal do you have in mind, then?”

“EASY” Hideko´s eyes sparkled in a sudden “If I win, I could use NEW LAB RATS. THREE, TO BE MORE PRECISE”

“NO WAY!!!!” Nova, dismayed, let escape a yell. She dreaded Hideko´s calculating smile. She didn´t like the way  she mentioned  the number 3. NOT.AT.ALL.

“Yup, and you´d be my rat” intervened Nagisa, clearly enjoying the moment. She so would enjoy tormenting the annoying , sugary little blonde!
That´s her way of making friends , of course; although she couldn´t say, or admit, she  made a large number of friends. When people ´d rather ran away than greeting you, that was a positive sign of friendship…right?

“AS IF!!” Nova rarely had to deal with the likes of Nagisa since the little psycho belonged to the super elite class A and Nova, due to her so-so rankings belonged to class C. And it was times like this that she swore to take back some of the bad things she said about Daisuke Motomomiya since he actually wasn´t the worst person in the whole nation of Japan. Nagisa Ichijouji was evil incarnate . Yup, Motomiya-san wasn´t so bad after all.

“YEAH, AS IF!!” declared the lads as well. They should man up sometime and not let being dragged down by their senpai!

“No matter if you are a fellow genius” Magnus Takariyama´s eyes gained a new sparkle ” This time we are way above you. At least, I am”

“Or so he says” giggled Ryo “Whatever! When you lose , sempai, you´ll have no choice but to go  the Misaki Ayuzawa´s route and SERVE US  instead. Of course donning a cute maid outfit, just like in the manga”

Nagisa´s eyes flared with indignation by the mere thought of imagining her cool, composed elder sister dressed like that! She was ready to protest but Hideko stopped her.

Hideko remained silent for a good moment. The lads, unable to read her expression, began to feel insecure again and wondered if they went a bit too far with their words. Ichijouji ´s specialty  was VENGEANCE and only God knew what was baking inside that twisted head of hers.

” Why am I not surprised? ” she began to laugh “Okay, I´ll do it until graduation day. Otherwise you´ll be my rats until my last day in this boring school…” and placed a kiss on the lads´s cheeks. Then she stared at Ryo ” I can´t wait to see my ex serving me once again, just like in the old times…”

“You are as cute as always” Ryo was being sarcastic. He certainly remembered those times. He was the one who confessed and ended realizing he had asked out the Queen of Sadism .

“I may take a fancy at him” Nagisa´s eyes focused on Magnus “Can I, sis?”

Magnus opted to ignore the black haired´s brat gaze but Nova, a full fleshed girl with a huge case of brother complex, couldn´t take it anymore. When it´s about somebody trying to snatch away her dear brother, all the Love and Peace spirit  could go to hell.


And the Mount Vesubio finally exploded.




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