The Ichijouji sisters

Meet the reality number 12 versions of Osamu and Ken Ichijouji: Hideko and Nagisa Ichijouji!
The Ichijouji sisters by Ayhelenk

Hideko is Osamu´s female counterpart and she too is a genius. Cool, composed and admired by everybody;  chosen by unanimity as the President of the Student Council, always placing in the first place when it is about  the exams rankings. Family and society have nothing but praises for her. Even Nagisa admires her so much that she wishes she´d been at least as wise as her elder sister.

Under that composed smile, though, Hideko prays her own motto:

“Charity begins at home. So does World domination…”

That´s the true nature of the Ichijouji sisters. Both of them.

And when a couple of years later Hideko passed away due to a car accident, Nagisa, inconsolable would let herself to be dragged to the Digiworld by the dark forces and step in as the new King. If she managed to dominate that world and the so called digimons then she might be able to bring her sister back from the death…

Another piccie of the AU Nagisa:

Second string of digidestineds from Reality XII by Ayhelenk

AU versions of Tai & company from reality 12

Meet the Digidestineds from Reality XII by Ayhelenk


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