This scene takes place a year after the Omega incident and Nova and Ange ´s relationship turned into a much more lovelier one ;)
I must say this, they are my guilty pleasure :giggle:

Flirtation by Ayhelenk

” I love that dress ” whispered Ange to Nova´s ear “But I like it more when you are au naturale…”

Her cheeks turned carmine
“You are a pervert!” she gasped remembering how far they went the other night.

“But I was referring when you are not wearing the bracelet…”

“Oh!” she bit a lip, embarrassed. When she used the bracelet she always changed forms, beginning with the wardrobe yet he manifested that sometimes the device was nothing but a clutch “Sorry, I thought you meant something else and…”

“Well, about THAT, I am certainly more than ready to do it again…” and he couldn´t help but laugh when her face turned redder than the red hot chilli peppers…


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