Meet Akarimon

Meet Akarimon by Ayhelenk


After agreeing to fulfill  Clavis Angemon´s mission,  Magnus Takariyama and the Angel of Time by Ayhelenk the angel of Time summoned someone else:


A rookie angel whom Clavis Angemon took as his apprentice long time ago, bright and cheerful and full of potential as well. Clavis had been mentoring her in the hopes that if something should happen to him she would take his place as Yggdrasil´s closest angel and guardian of the Key as well.

Since Clavis Angemon cannot abandon his post as the holy doors guardian he´ll ask Akarimon to guide Magnus and his digimons (an agumon and a gabumon) through the quest.

What Clavis Angemon did not predict is the crush Akarimon would develop towards the human…

When fate takes an unexpected turn, the angel will take extraordinary measures to follow Magnus ..even if meant being reborn as a human…as a certain digidestined…


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