Calumon and Beelzemon

Calumon and Beelzemon by Ayhelenk

From chapter XXV:


The little digimon´s body shrieked, all his senses were in full alert. His zero unit symbol was already burning his forehead.  He could sense, see , hear, smell and even taste the imminent changes that were about to take place and even for his true self, the holy light of digievolution from his world, was too much to handle!

“I..I..MUST…DO SOMETHING , CALU!!” the little fella sprinted to the sky only to fall some moments later. His senses were bursting up like crazy and it was such the flux of  information going through his system , something that Calumon wasn´t used to at this degree, that his body at the moment wasn´t responding accordingly.

“CALUMON!!!” Impmon , worried stiff about his best friend (despite always denying it) turned into Beelzemon and rushed to his rescue. Once Calumon was safe in his hands, the heavy metal-demon type digimon sighed in relief “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH YOU?!”

Instead of explaining, Calumon ´s ears pointed vehemently at one specific direction.

“WE MUST GO! WE MUST GO, CALU!!!” Calumon was deadly insistent on going to what he perceived the source of danger “OR IT WILL BE THE END! CALU!”

Calumon rarely showed such firm determination and Beelzemon gasped. If the little snot was behaving that way it shouldn´t be ignored. So he prepared his wings and headed where Calumon was pointing and his face turned sour when he realized that Calumon was desperately pointing at a certain building… Hypnos !


“OH BALLS!” he let escape a full sentence filled with bard words “WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED?!”


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