The call of Hope



From chapter XXIV :


The battle proceeded and both sides of Yggdrasil held tighter to their parts of the KEY. Neo fought bravely against the foes but Gabriel would soon find out a radical change in the equations that even Neo couldn´t sort. The worst of scenarios. The events showed Lucemon´s menace  increasing in a monstrous  way to the point that, he, like the Neo from the past, grabbed the holiest power of all by bringing, finally, the so dreaded End of the World. And this time, even Neo was unable to stop the Apocalypse despite his best efforts and  no matter how much he tried to summon his own universe, Lucemon´s proved to be way more powerful. The vortex of destruction began , the Digiworld found itself being sucked into the nothingness. It was nightmare incarnate all over the way!


“Sis, again, aren´t you going to call for your beloved digidestineds´s help?” despite the horrifying scenario, Gabriel kept watching. For him, been there, done that. He was willing to push the limits to the very extreme if that meant meeting with an interesting turn of events “Summon the Arbitrators even if they won´t be a thing against the Apocalypse unleashed by the little madman?”

“…you are right” Norun replied to his words at least! She was lying on the ground, defenseless but then she stood up firm”I am going to make a CALL” the little girl looked at her cosmic key and placed a little prayer “Please, bring HIM here. Because a millennia ago he promised to….·

It was when everything seemed completely lost when the key lent its power. A multicolored beam of light pierced through the engulfing Chaos , making it scream in pain. Then…suddenly… something else showed up in equation under the form  of a pair of running individuals and the splitting superior forms of a patamon…two blonde fellas manifested from nowhere and jumped straight to where Norun was followed by a set of Angemon, Magna Angemon and Seraphimon!

“YOU CALLED” the guys said in unison and the angels surrounded the pair, ready to join the battlefield and…


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