Race to the End of the World

This is a scene from chapter XXIII

Race to the End of the World by Ayhelenk

“AWAKE, THEN, AND DO WHAT IT MUST BE DONE…GO AND DON´T LOOK BACK”whispered the newcomer and touched the bracelet “IT´S OUR CHALLENGE AFTER ALL….”

“Yes…” that was the last conscious phrase that came from  Takeru Takaishi ´s lips before being engulfed by a golden light.

“TK!!!!” yelled Patamon , flying desperately to his side only to be taken by the light as well.

In 1/128 of the duration of a note the theater and the public vanished  behind their backs. The friends´s frantic calls dissolved like sea foams, unable to make it past the the mantle of light.


“HIKARI-CHAN?!” The lad looked back , he heard  Hikari´s voice! “WHERE ARE YOU?!” he anxiously looked around  but all he saw was nothing but an intermittent cascade of light. Patamon, astonished by the abrupt change of scenery,  opened his mouth so big that it could swallow the Tower of Pisa.There was no difference between the above and the below. Takeru blinked,  confused as hell. “WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING…?” began to yell, as if suddenly awaking from a dream.

“DON´T”  a hand gently stroke one of his shoulders and Takeru ´s attention turned to the guy running besides him. Because that´s what they were doing, run. The dreamy feeling returned to Takeru´s mind and all sense of reality abandoned him.

“What´s going on, Takeru?”  Patamon, unlike Tk, did not lose himself into the dreamlike scenery  “WHO´S HIM?!”

But the little digimon  got no answer from either of them.In fact Takeru seemed under a spell.

“WHAT DID YOU DO TO TAKERU ?!” demanded Patamon now attempting to place some punches towards the other guy´s face.”QUIT IT!!”

“I´m just opening his eyes” replied the other blond and stopped the punches with one of his fingers “And so shall I open yours…”

Patamon´s eyes opened wide, in shock. Suddenly he felt he could not hold any ill feeling towards that nameless fella. More than that, his little heart ached with the mere attempt. Those guy´s eyes were so blue…like Takeru´s! He moved his head several times, comparing both guys. Their physical resemblance was so alike that they could be twins had not the stranger  possess a longer hair than Takeru  and was taller than the latter by at least by a head! Dressed in white, red and blue he could pass as a speed racer… Takeru, by the way,  wasn´t questioning the resemblance they shared.

The minute their eyes met, Takeru´s in another consciousness state.  The other guy suddenly wasn´t a stranger anymore, he felt more familiar than anybody he ever knew in his whole life. Their movements, their speed, their rhythms…everything was in a perfect synchronicity.

“It´s about to happen” spoke the unnamed young man ” The notes of Chaos are resounding everywhere. And here we are, running towards the End of everything we knew until now…”

“TAKERU! TAKERU!” Patamon still refused to be engulfed by the stranger´s charm and pulled  his friend´s hair  “WHY ARE YOU BEHAVING LIKE THIS?!” and then delivered another fiery glare at the other guy “TAKE US BACK TO OUR WORLD!!”

“´afraid I can´t do that, little one” apologized the stranger “Besides, YOU are NEEDED as well”

“Because” Takeru finally spoke to his digimon´s head  “I can also hear it”

The Chosen of Hope was looking straightforward. Running with such a great of urgency like he never felt since the day Hikari-chan was dragged to an unknown world by forces beyond his comprehension. But right know, it was as if he could finally see what until that day was invisible to his ordinary eyes. And through his mind was flowing information that in ordinary circumstances would be considered illogical. But the more he was running, the more sense made.

“Someone´s Madness is about to inscribe our names in a colossal coffin” added his mysterious companion ” in order to see the Universes reborn as Himself…I was fine stranded  in my slumber until I realized…”

Takeru nodded, indicating that he understood. Patamon frowned, not really getting any of their conversation. It was as if they were speaking in another language, it was SO unnerving being left out of the dance!

“There” both of them pointed, at the same time, a certain point.


Again he got no response from the guys.

“Look forward, open your heart” continued the unnamed teen

“And let´s go to the End of the World…” finished Takeru and the bracelet shone once more time…


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