The unfortunate discovery

The unfortunate discovery by Ayhelenk

“For heaven´s sake, what´s THIS?” and Ange picked up a random, little piece of cloth from the floor.

“LEAVE THAT ALONE YOU ASSHOLE!!” Nova ´s face turned carmine. From all the stuff that was scattered in the room (or better called the TRASH ROOM since the girl did very little to clean it up. Piles of take out food boxes fulfilled long time ago the kitchen counter, music sheets were scattered all over the floor while the latter also played a second wardrobe role with the mountain of clothes that Nova was supposed to either put on the laundry basket or set a fire to) he had to choose her bra!

He frowned under his helmet.

“Is that a kind of armor?” he got a closer look at the silky pink cloth “I don´t see the effectiveness on such”

He honestly had no idea. All he knew was that he was destined to protect his new partner and fulfill whatever mission destiny throw at their faces. He couldn´t know at that time that the child he left behind was now a grown up girl. Ok, he noticed the obvious  changes in her appearance yet he was sinning of naivety .

“KEEP TOUCHING AND YOU ARE DEAD!”  her expression was similar to a furious lioness and she almost let escape a feline roar. There were three things she hated above everything:  sharing her stuff, being patted on the head and nosy people. So the very moment she set a foot in Juilliard, in order to fulfill her egoist nature, getting rid of her roommates became the first item of her list. And she certainly  succeed on scaring away all her roomies! A magnificent  digivice provided the special effects for a good Stephen King´s scary scenery and all of her roommates ended fleeing the place. One by one left fearing for their dear lives, after finding out that the place was haunted by a poltergeist. So the dorm became Nova´s kingdom and since then the blonde indulged herself into a lazy, capricious lifestyle in which any sort of housework was a foreign thing and would make her unsuspecting parents cry if they knew.

“If it´s that invaluable” he shook the bra casually ” why was it lying on the floor?”

“OK. YOU ASKED FOR IT!!!” and the lioness jumped towards the intruder, ready to commit angelicide…


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