Divine Judgement

From chapter XXI

Divine Judgement by Ayhelenk

Cherubimon´s jaw almost separated from the rest of the body. He was witnessing something that only heard from Baromon´s old tales: A KEY OF TIME!

“It´s not possible!” he screamed “That thing should not exist!!”

Steve shrugged his arms.

“Like Digital Angels of Time?” he smirked under his helmet

“Seraphimon, you are not an Angel of Time. I KNOW!”

“The Seraphimon you dared to betray, of course he´s not an angel of Time” added Steve “And I, Steve Worthington, despite wearing a Seraphimon´s clothes I am actually a bearer of the angel who guards the gates of Time and Space and because of your treachery I am here to finish you once at all!”

And pointed the enormous key at Cherubimon.


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