Meeting an old friend


A scene from an upcoming chapter

Meeting an old friend by Ayhelenk


The thing about the current situation was that Nova Takariyama was disliked by almost everybody. Not that she did her best to try to win the current group of allies. In fact, she didn´t bother to make friends in the first place!

While the realities were converged in a holy mess and the now rejuvenated digidestineds were trying to figure out how they lost their adult forms and at the same time defeating the current baddie, it was also a given that the fact that miss Takariyama still remained an adult bothered them quite a bit. And neither the google boys nor the rest were willing to take any order from her. General consensus, they all looked up to her partner, an Angemon known as Ange. And they were told by mr Gennai about him being one of the legendary digital angels of Time: Tempus Angemon.

So they trusted HIM and not HER.

“Whatever” ended declaring the woman, showing indifference “I am not thrilled being surrounded by brats anyways”

“AND WE ARE NOT THRILLOED HAVING YOU AROUND!!!!”declared Ruki Makino , still resented about the way they met the first time. The blonde had no qualms humiliating both her and Renamon with a little display of powers. Since that moment the hateful blonde joined Makino´s black list. “HOW THE HELL DID SHE BECOME A DIGIDESTINED IN THE FIRST PLACE?!”

“I wonder the same about you, Queen of Digimons” smirked Nova “Especially when your initial purpose was gotta catch`em all” and took her leave.

The Pokemon reference only helped to worsen the other girl´s mood.

“ARRGGHH!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!!” and St Helena was about to enter into eruption had not Renamon held her by the arms “LET ME GO SO I CAN KILL THAT WITCH!!!”
“Not when you must save all that energy against the real enemy”

Taichi and the others shrieked with Ruki´s foul mouth and wondered how Takato and his friends managed to get along with the temperamental tamer. Taichi was about to pop the question but Takato wasn´t in the room anymore…

The tamer google boy was actually following Guilmon who in turn decided to follow the rebellious Takariyama.

Unlike the others, Takato´s digimon wasn´t either in the love or hate team. But whenever he looked at the woman, something deep inside his codes resounded. That was the first time he met her and his entire body was reacting towards her mere presence. Like the times he perceived another fellow digimons in the nearby diameters but at the same time the feeling was quite different.

I need to know, he thought, why I feel so excited whenever I am near her….

And his heart beat faster and faster when he found her outside, sitting on a rock meditatively staring at her digivice ( whose form was a bracelet and was referred as a Supreme ). Takato, without muttering a word, followed Guilmon to where she was. The little lad´s face turned from bitter into surprise when he realized her sober expression and her eyes shining  as if wanting to cry and being unable to. Her entire posture indicated a great struggle to get a grip of her emotions.

“So in the end she isn´t a robot, I guess?” he tried to break the silence with a joke but Guilmon suddenly opened his eyes wide and fastened his steps. The following second Nova almost fell from the rock when a very emotive digimon stood in front of her and caught her hands

“Long time no see ”  Guilmon wasted no time “King-sama”

Takato´s mouth opened as big as a football ball . How come Guilmon´s voice suddenly sounded graver than usual? And did he hear right?

Nova lift her face.

“Long time no see, Lancelot”

“UH?!” Takato almost tripped. Did she say Lancelot?!

“Excuse me but care to explain why did you call my Guimon by that name…?”

Neither Nova nor Guimon paid attention to the tamer. Both digimon and woman´s eyes were glued to each other.

“I didn´t expect you to remember me” her tone was grave yet couldn´t hide a spark of happiness “Thought that in your current life, there were no memories from past existences”

“And I´m glad you still remember me, King-sama” smiled the digimon. Takato almost dropped his jaw when his eyes suddenly perceived two ethereal figures emerging from both Nova and Guilmon. Floating above the woman there was a much  younger version of herself, with longer hair and wearing green and yellow clothes while Gallantmon´s silhouette was taking over Guilmon!

“WHAT THE HECK…?!” the tamer at first believed he was dreaming. It was too weird to be true, wasn´t it?!  He pinched his cheeks to make sure only to whine due to the pain “Oh shit, what the hell is happening here?!”

Guilmon turned his head and Gallantmon made a sign at Takato begging him to remain silent. Takato, dumbfounded, obeyed.

Wait a minute!, the tamer´s mind almost exploded, Gallantmon shouldn´t be an independent being when he can only show up when Guilmon and I fuse our souls…!

“You shouldn´t be here, all by yourself” added Gallantmon unable to hide his puzzlement “King-sama, you should be in charge of the army!”

Nova shook her head.

” There are more than enough people willing to do that” was her stoic response “This time I am not the only human being dragged to the digiworld”

“Certainly not, and certainly there are several digiworlds fused at the moment” conceded the Royal knight “But you are the King”

“Not anymore”

“Did Piedmon win in the end?!” Gallantmon´s tone momentarily reeked of anxiousness . In another life, in another digiworld Nova Takariyama fought by the Royal Knights´s side in order to free the world from the tyrant who fested on bringing chaos and destruction because he managed to steal the 4 Gods ´s powers and planned to replace Yggdrasil as the supreme God. Of course, his plans were fated to fail…

“No, in the end he was defeated for good,. Although not thanks to me but my current partner…errr…associate” she was still hesitating about her feelings towards Ange. Since most of her memories were a holy mess, she wasn´t sure how to address her digital angel. A part of her was reluctant to call him her partner since she was fairly positive that he was only honoring a deal and as soon as it was done, he was ready to go and not look back at her. The other was desperately trying to surpress feelings she wasn´t supposed to have in the first place and…she bit her lips. If only her memories weren´t so shaken up! Unlike the others, while she retained her adult body, at least half of her memories were stolen from her system! Hence most of her experiences as a digidestined and….something very important was taken from her and since then couldn´t help but feeling uneasy and insecure most of the time. “We are going by his instructions”

As Guilmon, he felt a sincere admiration towards that graceful and wise Angemon. But Gallantmon still remembered the old times and for him, Nova was the true leader.

“He is your partner but he should be following your instructions” but Nova shook her head , firm and Gallantmon decided to let it go. Takato was still confused. Gallantmon was speaking as if he´s been through an entire, different story. But he was supposed to be born because of a bond between guilmon and his tamer´s hearts! ” Then why are you pushing away the other digidestineds? King-sama, united you will be able to achieve everything. Divided in a sea of rivalry you´ll lose”

“They are united well enough without my help” she thought in Taichi whom he already helped to bring some stability to his group as the natural leader he is ” Besides, I need some time for myself. I need to reaffirm  resolution before I join the battlefield”

And her body trembled when remembering the reason she turned into a digidestined in the first place. Why she went through the trouble of fighting in a war that initially had nothing to do with her, years ago…

As if reading her thoughts, Gallantmon asked in a gentle tone

“In the end, were you able to find him?”

Nova´s head spiraled abruptly and began to ache so badly that she almost lost it. Yet she managed to whisper:


A mantle of silence surrounded the stage. Nova ´s lips trembled, she´d been fighting all this time and her wish still remained unfulfilled…!

“AND I WON´T GIVE UP !” she stood up, her eyes finally shinning with a fighting spirit “Because that´s all what I have…!”

Gallantmon wondered if that was actually true. He had the feeling that she was fooling herself, yet he wasn´t going to contradict her.

“If that gives you the will to fight, then good. But I believe it would be wiser if you share everything you own with the other digidestineds and go as the King once more, let them rely on you and you rely on them”

Takato gulped. Gallantmon actually looked up to her?!She couldn´t be so bitchy if Gallantmon was speaking with such fondness …!

” I wish it´s that simple” she apologized “But at the moment, I can only rely on myself….sorry….”



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