A scene from chapter XXII.

“ENOUGH!!!!!!!” Takeru Takaishi couldn´t take it anymore “STOP IT!!!!!!!!!”


With his emotions boiling like a volcano, the chosen of Hope freed his body from the trance and shouted like crazy.


“Takeru!!!” Hikari yelled as well.

“What´s the deal with that fella?!” asked Daisuke, scratching his chin. Why was him behaving like a madman on stage instead of playing anymore boring music?

“Brother!!” yelled Yamatto, anxious as well

Suddenly a light emanated from  Takeru´s body and  without giving a thought, the chosen of Hope rose his right arm. And a  rounded bracelet showed up on his wrist!


AWAKE, THEN AND DO WHAT IT MUST BE DONE, the invisible fella who´d been showing Takeru the visions finally made himself visible to everybody´s eyes.


Taichi and the others´s could hardly believe what´s going on but Hikari, yelled like crazy when she saw a young, blonde lad standing next to Takeru Takaishi.

Patamon was already rushing to his human´s side to pay attention to the other guy…

GO AND DON´T LOOK BACK, whispered the newcomer and touched the bracelet , IT´S OUR CHALLENGE AFTER ALL….


“Yes” Takeru touched the bracelet as well and much to everybody´s astonishment both him and Patamon were surrounded by a golden light and vanished in the air.

“BROTHER!!! BROTHER!!” Yamatto shouted his lungs off, livid.

“TAKERU-KUN!!!!!!” Hikari nearly lost it and would had jumped from the balcony had not Gatomon and Daisuke caught her in the act.

“DON´T DO THAT AGAIN!” yelled Daisuke but Hikari kept yelling, desperate.


And that was when the digidestineds´s devices began to shine and suddenly, a mantle of light showed up from nowhere and covered everything…..


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