The power of Daisuke Motomiya

The power of Daisuke Motomiya by Ayhelenk

Daisuke Motomiya´s  reality nº 12 counterpart is a digidestined called …Daisuke Motomiya.

Hothead they call him, ruthless yet with a strong sense of justice this Daisuke Motomiya  is quite an interesting character. He holds the crest of Miracles and whenever the digivice´s light blade changes colors , Roquefort (his Veemon who used to be a Royal Knight) can go through different forms. When the blade finally becomes golden, the digimon reaches an alternate, unique Mega form : Knightdramon!. Daisuke possesses a huge, courageous heart and is ready to give his all when it is about protecting  everybody´s dreams.

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