Little Takeru and the King

Little Takeru and the King by Ayhelenk


This scene takes place between The portal XII by Ayhelenk and The Quarrel by Ayhelenk.

“Piedmon fell, all hail the new King!” cheered Gomamon and everybody followed through.
Suddenly Nova Takariyama felt a beautiful warmth over her head and when her fingers, still trembling after everything she´d been through, met something that felt like crystals! Her eyes opened wide and looked at Taomon, unable to understand what´s going on.

Taomon smiled and offered a brief explanation.

“That´s a reward from Yggdrasil who recognized you as the true king, my dear pupil”

Takeru Takaishi was as enthusiastic as everybody and rushed to the girl´s side, carrying gomamon with him.

“AWESOME!” he yelled “That crown is superb! May I touch it?”

Nova silently nodded, for her everything felt so bizarre. A minute ago she died by Piedmon´s sword and now she was back into the land of the living, apparently unscratched. Her heart, though, was still beating like a mad horse. So many things happened during those months! She´d been through an adventure that she would never forget in her entire life, enough for a lifetime…

“You look fabulous , King-sama!” added Gomamon “I can´t wait to see you on the throne!”

“UH?!” Takeru opened his mouth, wide “But she´s a girl!”

“So?” Gomamon frowned, not getting what the little newcomer was trying to say.

“A girl cannot be a King! ”

” Says who?” Gomamon and the rest yelled in unison

“Well, fairy tales!” the little boy was really puzzled. Even if it was a dream, that was WEIRD.

Tempus Angemon, meanwhile, was standing still. He seemed as confused as Nova. One minute ago he was dead and now he was back into the digiworld….but everything seemed so unsettling. His body felt strange…no, his whole set of data felt completely different than during his life in File Island. His brand new evolution felt great, he never tasted so much power before but… his psyche was vibrating, as if out of tune.

“No” he thought “It´s not like I am out of tune, these vibrations feel so different because we are not in my original universe. Wherever we are, it´s not home!””

He looked at his hands, there was a little itching in them after erasing Piedmon for good with his new powers.

“Thank you for saving us” Taomon spoke to him “You are a walking miracle, Tempus Angemon”

The angel did not reply. All what he wanted was to take his little human back to their original reality and rejoin Taichi and the others and free their own digiworld for good. He was deadly sure that Devimon wasn´t the only and last enemy that was terrorizing the digiworld…

“WOW!” Takeru was impressed after Gomamon and Veemon (the latter used to be a Royal Knight until a bad battle almost had him killed and ended losing his original form and reverted into his rookie form) offered the kid a brief explanation about Nova becoming the leader of the resistence against Piedmon and thus her insistence of being addressed as a king “Then should I kneel as well?”

Nova smiled for the first time and shook her head.

“No, dear “and caressed his little cheeks “I should be the one kneeling since you, little one, saved my life”

“But I did nothing!”

She shook her head. Probably everything was too complicated for him to understand that he did play a key role in the final battle. She was dying and suddenly, the child showed up next to her and held her hand. After that a light surrounded everything and she found herself being carried in arms by an angel and the little child was with them! For her, a royal title meant nothing when she finally met someone who made her realize the true meaning of miracles..the miracle of life!

And so she humbly knelt before Takeru Takaishi and whispered an emotional “thank you”

“Okay…?” the child did not know what else to say

Nova then stared at him, the more she looked at him her heart felt a familiar warmth. She never met that kid in her life yet she had the feeling he was someone she´d cherish deep in her heart. Besides he looked like a bit like Magnus when he was at his age…but that wasn´t Magnus. Her hear ached, she missed her brother so much…!

“You are pretty” he continued ” And you have long hair. I wonder how would you look without that braid”

Until that moment, the girl had had her hair tied on a braid in order to fight better.

“So let´s get rid of that thing!” Gomamon giggled and with a swift movement of his claws, the ribbon that was holding Nova´s hair was no more!

“Comodoro!” she yelled, astonished. Gomamon used to be one of her most loyal friends and Nova baptized him with that name.

“Much better! King-sama should always wear her hair like that!” added veemon

“Roquefort!” Nova´s cheeks turned red

“You SO look like Angewomon!” exclaimed Takeru, delighted  “If you had wings, you could be her sister!”

“An..gewomon?” why did that strange name sounded so familiar? For a brief moment, Nova had a glimpse of an ethereal, winged silhouette. But the feeling faded almost immediately “Thanks..but…” she stood up and took off the crown “But I can´t be the king anymore. Now that Piedmon´s gone and the digiworld is safe, I…I…”

She bit her lips

“MAGNUS!” she exclaimed and a sudden feeling of urgency filled her heart. She looked at Taomon and the recently released Gods “I fulfilled my part of the deal, please, tell me where can I find Magnus…”

Nova Takariyama was summoned to a strange land, asked to be a hero and gather an army in order to free it from a tyrant. But her quest was far from being over since she still couldn´t achieve her true goal: find her missing brother and go back home together. Takeru felt a little ache in his heart, somehow that name felt familiar.

“But aren´t you going to be our new ruler?” asked the digimons

“I can´t” she replied and put the crown over Gomamon´s hands ” Because I must find my brother and go back home. There´s a science fair waiting for us and he promised he would win it in order to make Akiyama-san don a sailor moon dress” she smiled sweetly “And then he must play a concert with the hateful Ishida…and…then I´ll apologize for scaring his potential dates…” a solitary tear rolled down her face “I will not meddle in his love life anymore…I…”

“You have a brother?” asked Takeru, moved by the girl´s words

“Yes, and I miss him dearly”

Tk did not hesitate and hugged her

“So do I” he said in the sweetest tone “Every day” if her folks divorced like his, of course she would be sad!

“You kinda look like him” Nova hugged him back “Again, thanks…”

And they hugged for a good while before the Gods would send Takeru back to his world, erasing part of his memories and leading him to believe he´d been dreaming all this time. But for a good while, Takeru Takaishi kept thinking in the girl of the dream and her bravery and gentleness would mark a deep impression on him….


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