The day Tia Yagami became a digidestined

When Taichi´s Agumon finally ended his tale about  their adventures, especially during their first times in File Island he finally asked Tia´s Agumon about their own adventures.

“I like Tia, I bet you were as happy as a clam the day you met her”

The reality XII Agumon smirked. He remembered that day as clearly as if happened yesterday instead of almost a decade ago.
The digidestineds had been just summoned to the digiworld  and their chosen digimons were already waiting for them. While the group was in an awe and delighted to have new yet bizarre friends, getting in a frenzy excitement about the upcoming adventures…well, let´s say that Agumon couldn´t grab his human´s attention until much later since Tia Yagami, the destined digidestined of Courage immediately took notice of the deity who summoned them.

The day Tia Yagami became a digidestined by Ayhelenk
“Oh my Goodness!!!” Tia ´s yell could put in shame to any rock n´roll groupie ” SHE´S HOT!!!!”
She noticed Kabuki Sakuyamon and before the priestess had any opportunity to explain why she summoned the group to the digiworld Tia was already hitting on her.

“…I can´t believe I never met you before. My name is Tia and I think you are the most beautiful girl from the world, may I have your number…?”

Kabuki Sakuyamon never was so puzzled in her life and could only guess that the digidestined seemed quite enthusiastic about the mission.

“HEY!!!” yelled Agumon at that time, annoyed ” I´M YOUR DIGIMON, REMEMBER?!”

Tia´s Agumon muttered a sarcastic answer

“Not nearly as happy as her…!”


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