Ange´s past, after the Omega incident they briefly parted ways; while Ange was checking on Takeru Takaishi´s current Angemon Angemon meets his human self by Ayhelenk Angemon meets his human self II by Ayhelenk a quite low spirited Nova fell under a mysterious foe´s claws and ended being brainwashed. The digidestineds of reality XII had no choice but to fight against her in order to preserve both the digital and real worlds…but then, when things became really hard, the angel returned and managed to open a path through her broken spirit and connect with the real Nova.


Liberation by Ayhelenk

“I thought you left for good” whispered the girl “Weren´t you supposed to be by Takeru´s side like in the old times?”
“Takeru is fine ” smiled the angel “And the other guy is doing quite a decent job taking care of him, so once I realized that I just had to come back”

Tears flowed all over her face

“Only to find this” the brainwashing effect was so catastrophic that even her appearance changed! She was like a Ladydevimon only not so grotesque yet more menacing since she jeopardized the reality XII digiworld´s stability like no foe did before !

Ange switched off his Tempus Angemon form and resumed his usual champion form.

“You are still a brat” he smiled “Are you done playing the villain part?”


“Good, because Tia and the rest of the gang are waiting for us”

Tears again showed up on her face

“How come? I fought against them!” she was filled with so many regrets!” “And I also fought against Mikagura, the brits and so many good people…! I can´t face them!”

A gentle pinch on her nose cut her words.

“And you also fought against me, remember?”

Her face turned red and such was her shame that she tried to avoid his eyes. But he wasn´t going to have any of it.

” But it´s okay, it´s not our first quarrel anyways” he caressed her wet cheeks “and of course it´s a given it won´t be the last. I kinda enjoy our arguments, the feisty you is one of the funniest parts of my current life”

Her eyes opened wide, puzzled.

“So I came back in order to accomplish two things” he continued “First, I am rescuing you from Oblivion”

“What´s the second ?”

“Well, I am all for a new partnership. Not a designated one by the gods like our first meeting …this time, I am the one who CHOSE my partner…you”

The darkness that had been surrounding her heart slowly began to evaporate.

“You want us to become associates again?”

“Partners. Without conditions, by free will ”

She was speechless

” Let´s be Supremes , free to go through monumental adventures across hundreds of worlds and protect everybody from Chaos because WE WANT TO” and he whispered something else on her ear “Please?”

“You really want me to be your partner, despite everything?”

“Of course”

“Oh Ange…!”

Moments later a beautiful light emerged from her digivice and  her appearance reverted back to her true one.

“I take you said yes” he kissed her forehead

“I´ll become your partner” she promised ” But since you´d been away for several weeks, we´ll have to figure out new living arrangements since I don´t live in a dorm anymore and…”

He put a finger over her lips

“We´ll discuss about it after we defeat the bastard who brainwashed you. Now, let´s rejoin the others and fight!”

“Yes sir…!”


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