The Power of Yori Kido

The Power of  Yori Kido by Ayhelenk


Jyou Kido´s Reality XII counterpart is a girl called Yori Kido.
Beautiful and fearsome, she is a girl who you can say she´s got steel running through her veins instead of blood. She takes no shit from anybody and her Gomamon certainly knows that from the entire group of digidestineds, miss Kido is the one who´ll make whatever unfortunate soul dares to cross her and make the miser kneel down in submission.
The ultimate sadist (next to Mirei Mikagura), she´s the bearer of the crest of Reliability.

When the blade finally became golden, the Comodoro (that´s her Gomamon´s name) reaches an alternate, unique Mega form : Thormon!


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