Lovey Dovey moment with Ange and Nova

The other day my best pal Lerato made this gorgeous drawing of Ange and Nova exchanging loving gazes!

They are so in love that it melts my heart!!

Lerato wrote:

Finally!I had the time to finish this drawing for my ever precious Ayhelenk : I hope you like it!  ❤ ❤


Lovey Dovey moment with Ange and Nova by lerato

Sometime ago my friend also made this drawing depicting the lovebirds:



As a present for her birthday [13/06], which curiosly is exactly a month before mine! ❤ 
I was very excited while doing this picture. After reading her story [A wonderful novel-like fanfiction of Digimon + several of her amazing original characters] and talk with her about the most romantic scene in the fiction, where Tempus Angemon finally declares his love to Nova Takariyama, I couldn’t help but pour a lot of emotion in that particular scene. 

She did a wonderful picture with a full descrpition right here, if you’re curious. 

About his true wish... by Elizabeth2003

Her digimon fanart account is :heart::iconelizabeth2003::heart:

This is my own interpretation, where I could see Nova finally letting her beauty and femininity flow out, as she also realizes her true feelings for his companion. 
I used Ayhe’s Tempus Angemon human clothes but I tried to do something a little more ethereal with Nova’s dress. 

Hope you like it, my sister, for this was made with all my heart. 


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