A tender kiss

This scene between Nova and her angel takes place in Chapter I:



Once outside, Mr Gennai finally spoke at them.

“Nova, Ange. I´m sorry about this. They aren´t the easiest public”

“From all the realities we´ve been, these 4 are among the most skeptical…they wouldn´t recognize the truth even if it slaps  their cantankerous faces!”

“They are scared” said the angel “And fear sometimes clouds  ones´s mind”

Mr Gennai shook his shoulders.

“Been with them for a decade and your statement is true. Well, but I can attest the facts being true…I still remember what happened THAT day. Right after Malomyotismon´s defeat…and I would love to SEE HIS TRUE FORM again”

“So do I!” the woman returned his smile with a nervous one” “If only he could give me Magnus back…”


The Angel surrounded her shoulders with an arm.

“Leave it dear, we are not doing that again” his tone was gentle, yet firm ” As he said once, there are certain events that must be left alone. Remember Omega?”

She blinked her eyes  for a minute, struggling to maintain in check her emotions. Of course she remembered…and she would regret it until the end of her days….

“Of course I am fully aware of my worst mistake!” her response was more vehement than wished “And I certainly don´t wish to see such a thing happening again!”

Angemon felt an ache all over his beautiful heart. She spoke about her mistake? That was a tango and it required TWO to be danced, HE also had his own share of shame in that matter!

“Gennai…Just keep an eye on that lad, ok?” Nova´s tone softened considerably, sounding almost as a begging.

“I will, as always!” he promised. He considered those people his friends and knew the entire story so he certainly didn´t want to see Nova´s face surrounded by sadness “Go ahead with your mission and give us a shout if things take a turn for worse”

Angemon smiled and his arms surrounded his girl´s shoulders. Such act made her cheeks blush and leaned on his broad chest.

“I must admit this though, because of HIM  I was granted this Angel as my partner in crime”

Angemon kissed her hand,  amused with her choice of words.

“Ditto, dear” and then he proceeded to kiss the only ring that adorned her left hand , the symbol of their union “I wouldn´t want it any other way”

Gennai hid a smile. Those two were a quite unconventional digidestined-digimon set…!



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