The winner and the loser

From chapter XX, Magna Angemon lost to a God. And badly. Gabriel first teased him speaking like Lewis Carrol, then he stepped on Excalibur, broke the angel´s helmet and heck! Tsurugi & Co ended witnessing a yaoiesque scene between them! XD



Excerpt from Chapter XX:

Gabriel jumped again only to swiftly pinch his forehead. But the pinch proved to be QUITE strong and Magna Angemon´s holy helmet suddenly broke down , exposing his face. Pixiemon and the kids contained an exclamation.

“Magna Angemon-sama pi!!!”

“Oh Goodness!” Yu couldn´t open his mouth bigger at that moment. That was UNBELIEVABLE!”

And nobody was more shocked than the angel himself . Never, in his thousands of digital years, he suffered such a heinous action! His eyes shone with such stupor that he was unable to mutter a word.His body refused to move as well, unable to grasp the exposition. The face that he swore to keep only to himself was now revealed to the rest of the world!

Gabriel , like a true Cheshire cat, landed in front of him and enjoying seeing the angel´s astonished expression he whispered at his ear “But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are ”

“YOU..YOU..ARE..GOING..TO…” the angel ´s lips moved at least, muttering choked words “PAY..FOR THIS!!!” fist moved furiously towards his opponent´s face only to be stopped by one of the latter´s fingers!

“OH CRAP!” Tsurugi fell to his knees.

“PLEASE, STOP!” Pixiemon reinforced the shield since the fist´s stop still sent a helluva of an expansive wave towards its surroundings. The bridge´s foundations trembled due to the extraordinary warrior´s latent strengths and if the fight kept going on the entire bridge could suffer an irremediable collapse!

“Foolish one who believes that is a match against a god” Gabriel´s smile turned into a more sober one “I’m going to give you a sentence, a full sentence with a noun and a verb and a possible agitate. I don’t like all these judges running around with their half baked sentences, that´s how you get salmonella poisoning” and his foot moved, making Magna Angemon trip.

His other hand, though, caught the angel by the waist to prevent his fall and Gabriel´s face now leaned quite closely towards Magna´s.

” I RESPOND TO NO ONE BUT MY OWN WILL” the tanned teenager  now exhibited a solemn expression, his face became so close to the angel´s that their lips were a few inches apart. Magna Angemon ´s cheeks involuntarily blushed but his eyes kept flaring with anger since Gabriel-sama was doing anything but humiliate his pride as an angel!

Gabriel wasn´t finished with his statement, though.

“I may be Yggdrasil´s other self but I am also my own individual. Hence, I shall do whatever I please, go wherever I please and the wonderland can turn into dust before I bent my free will towards the likes of a magnificent ignorant that blindly follows my sister´s words…” and he unceremoniously let Magna Angemon fall to the ground


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