The power of Ryo Akiyama

Ryo Akiyama´s  reality nº 12 counterpart is a digidestined called…Ryo Akiyama!
This AU Ryo  is the Digidestined that holds the crests of Light and Hope! Azulongmon granted him two digimons that until that moment, did not exist in that world: Patamon and Gatomon. The Gods asked Ryo to take care of them and instill in the traits of a loving heart and when he said yes,a pair of pendents suddenly showed up hanging on his necks…containing the crests of Hope and Light.

And whenever the digivice´s light blade changes colours , the digimons go through different forms. When the blade finally became golden, the digimons reached an alternate, unique Mega form : MiraiSeraphimon and MiraiOphanimon…because their powers are born from the hope of light from the future…

Meet Ryo Akiyama by Ayhelenk


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