The power of Miyako Ishida

The power of Miyako Ishida by Ayhelenk
Once upon a time, the Digiworld was in grave danger of being destroyed by a stranger´s evilness: Piedmon. He , a stranger from another reality, did not hesitate to steal the 4 Gods´s powers and merge with them in order to rebuild this Digiworld to his image and madness. At the same time a human was summoned by the Gods´s last will before being dragged inside the clown´s system. Taomon guided the human, a little girl, towards the search of the Royal Knights and together, defeat the evil once at all.
The little girl´s name was Nova; in order to gather an army she insisted to go by the Chess rules but instead of being a Queen she became a King and slowly but steady fulfilled the task.

One of her most loyal followers was Omegamon and he gladly fought until the very end.
Nova meets Omegamon by Ayhelenk

So when he met his final Hour he whispered the following wish:

“I wish to be reborn  so I can meet the King again…I want to know if she finally managed to reach her dream…I want to see her smile once more…”

And his wish was granted although not the way he expected. First, his consciousness was split into 2 newborn digimons : Agumon and Gabumon.

And when Kabuki Sakuyamon , years later, summoned a new batch of digidestineds Gabumon would be partnered with Yamatto Ishida´s reality XII version: Miyako Ishida!

Meet Miyako Ishida by Ayhelenk

At first Gabumon was troubled, his reason for being reincarnated was the former King. He missed Nova and wanted to fight by her side once again, instead he was partnered with someone else. Besides, Miyako wasn´t a sweet girl and was the type of speaking frankly her mind…too frankly! Just in the first day Miyako was already lecturing him! :giggle:

Of course time´s a healer and digimon and digidestined would soon grow a fondness toward each other and become great friends and thanks to Gabumon´s eagerness to let go his past and her eagerness on looking forward to the future with a more optimistic perspective, they managed to unlock her digivice´s potential: A sword-style device!

And whenever the digivice´s light blade changes colours , Gabuumon goes through different forms. When the blade finally became golden, the digimon reached an alternate Mega form that wasn´t known before: Kaisergarurumon!

And so, the power of Friendship can manifest in different, wonderful forms such is the limitless power of a couple of noble hearts…


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