Chapter 20 and 21 complete .

Currently working on chapter 22.


“GET AWAY FROM HIM!” Tsurugi wanted to push her away from Gabriel but somehow his legs didn´t respond. How come he never showed any hesitation towards the most dangerous digimon, Neo , who once destroyed the digi universe but his body was literally freezing when it comes to Gabriel?”HE´S NUTS!”

“Surely” he looked at Yu and Tsurugi and dedicated them an acquiescent response “And I daresay I am not the only one” and he winked an eye “We’re all mad here, Alice-kun!”

Ami couldn´t help but giggle.

“Did you just call Tsurugi-kun Alice?”

“Of course”

“WHY?” asked both Ami and Yu in chorus, the first amused and the other incredulous.

“It just fits him”

Despite his unreasonable fear Tsurugi´s cheeks got red due to his frustration


(excerpt from chapter XX)


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