Angewomon and the child II by Ayhelenk


A continuation from this another cute scene Angewomon and the child by Ayhelenk

Magnus was a one year and a half when he met a wandering Angewomon. And she couldn´t help but also felll in an awe with his parents  :D


Excerpt from the tie-in short story that compliments my digimon…


“Magnus! Magnus!!!”  Marya´s voice broke the tender moment “Where are you?!!!”

When the parents realized the child was out of their sight they began to frantically look for him, of course he couldn´t have wandered too far due to his short legs and having only passed a couple of minutes. But still…!

“Mommy calls, must go” sighed the toddler and jumped from Angewomon´s arms “Bye-bye angel!”

“…” she almost yelled “Wait!” but didn´t have to courage to do it. She leaned on the edge of the wall and slyly watched the adorable thing running to a pair of grown up creatures. The male looked very much like the little one and Angewomon´s heart ached a bit because he reminded her a bit of Magna Angemon but when she looked at the female her heart beat louder. Her large, golden hair was pretty much like hers! And her voice was nearly identical! But what was more heartbreaking was seeing her hugging and kissing the little one…ohhh! There was the feeling again, longing to be by that little one´s side!

“Where have you been?!” Marya was on the verge of tears “Don´t do that anymore, got it?!”

“But mamma, I saw an angel!” and pointed at the wall “and is there!”

The parents looked but saw no one,yet they didn´t contradict their child. There was always time to teach him the differences about the real and imaginary things…

“She was sad ” kept talking

“Really?” Dmitry scratched his chin “It cannot be, angels don´t cry!”

“She was like mommy ” Magnus touched Marya´s cheek, still wet by the tears “But now she´s okay”

“Glad to hear that!” Marya smiled “I bet she felt better only by seeing you!”


The woman´s words touched a chord inside Angewomon´s heart. She was right. She was ready to give into oblivion but Magnus, (she liked the name) somehow pulled her away from that.


“It´s time to go back home” added the father “And we´ll have mommy´s super special hot chocolate, what do you say pal?”

“Yay!!” the child yelled in happiness ” I wanna mommy´s chocolate!!”

” Only if you promise to be good and not to wander by yourself anymore” Marya tried to assume a severe expression but failed miserably , Magnus was so sweet that it was nearly impossible to make an ugly face.



Angewomon suddenly felt desperate. They were leaving! Her mind was a mess, what if they never come back? After losing everything she couldn´t bear with the thought of never seeing him again…she wanted to be for Magnus and protect him! But at the same time she was aware she had no right over Magnus since he belonged to those individuals…she extended her hand, silently calling for him.

You can still be by his side, an invisible yet familiar voice whispered at her ear. Angewomon, astonished, looked around but saw nothing. There´s an egg  inside her womb, it´s been there for three months and it´s ready to accept a soul…why don´t you give it a try?

“I can do something like that?” asked the angel, cautiously.

It will be an extraordinary experience for the likes of you. You´ll be radically changing forms and your memories will disappear as well, continued the voice, but you will be by his side and protect him as you wished.

The thought about forgetting Magna Angemon and her friends was heartbreaking but never seeing the child was unbearable as well.

“I´ll do it” she declared in the end “Tell me how…”


The voice whispered what she needed to know and she slowly assented. She closed her eyes and let herself turn into a pink star, then, in a flash, the star flied to Marya and entered into her tummy.

“Woah!” Magnus saw the whole thing “Mama!” and pointed at her belly

“What, dear?”

“the tummy! the tummy!” and kept pointing

Marya and Dmitry exchanged an astonished glance. How did Magnus know?


And five months and a half later Magnus would have a sister….


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