Gabriel Mikihara True Form

In a moment of the story Goddess Norun Mikihara, Yggdrasil´s human form, revealed to Magna Angemon that Yggdrasil actually split his conscience into two human beings.
While she´s back at the Digiworld, ready to assume her duties as the Digiworld´s Goddess..she admits to Magna Angemon that everything would be easier to her if Yggdrasil´s other part also returns to the Digital World.

Google Boy Tsurugi already met Gabriel and believes is nothing more than a handsome asshole. But what neither Tsurugi nor Magna Angemon know is Gabriel´s true form…


And soon some of Lucemon´s minions will learn about that fact…

Other piccies of him:

The Angel, the Google Boy and the God by AyhelenkGabriel Mikihara by Ayhelenk


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