Meet Supreme Sebastian

Meet a rejuvenated Sebastian, from the Tekken fighting game series who serves as Lili’s butler.

Meet Supreme Sebastian by Ayhelenk

He´s pretty much like Batman´s butler, filled with secrets especially from the past.
In the fic he´d been actually involved in Digimon business since a very distant past. When he was a teenager he´d actually formed part of an elite group of digidestineds known as Supremes and he fought along Nova Takariyama and Tempus Angemon during a good while. He also was partnered with an Angemon (not the same one who he sends to check on his lady every time she fights in the Digiworld from  Digimon World Re:Digitize) whom unfortunately passed away during a battle.

When Lucemon begins to screw up several realities, Sebastian is summoned once again as a Supreme and much to his surprise he also  finds himself back in his 18s!

When Lili and the others meet Sebastian in this form they will be astonished.  He not only he ´s a young man again…his personality may have also suffered a radical change as well! ;)



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