At the Daimons place


A scene from reality VII

At the Daimons place by Ayhelenk

“And then, I jumped with all my might and …”
“And Masaru jumped…” Agumon was as excited as his human “and he reached Yggdrasil´s true form ”
“And then what?” asked the blonde girl with her eyes wide open.
“And I KICKED YGGDRASIL´S CUTESY FACE!!” exclaimed Masaru with the same excitement as in his 14s
“Masaru OWNED the God!” Agumon still remembered that epic day and would gladly share the story a bazillion times.
“PUM!!!! I punched the God like this!!!” and Masaru´s fist hit the air which only made Minami roll her eyes.

“And PUM!! I´m dying of boredom!” Masaru´s daughter whined on her chair “Why the heck are you here?!”

Minami Daimon and Kita “North” Northstein were supposed to be doing their homework , instead they were joined by Masaru and Agumon on the table and as always they began to talk about old times. Tohma´s daughter and Masaru´s niece never minded, in fact she loved hearing those stories!

“Why, aren´t we allowed to hang around?” Masaru winked an eye
“I thought I smelled a cake” added Agumon. Every time North showed up at the Daimon´s place she would always bring a cake….
“Humph!” Minami crossed her arms, indignant “There´s no cake today since we came directly from school and didn´t stop by the bakery this time”

Agumon and Masaru exchanged a saddened look. They were looking forward to it, North always knew how to select the freshest, most delicious pastries and of course would bring a generous amount of sweets to the house. Unlike Minami, North was the sweetest girl from the entire neighborhood!

“But I can always bake one, if you don´t mind me messing a bit the kitchen” added North in a pristine tone.

“REALLY?!” Masaru and his digimon´s eyes sparkled with such intensity that Minami sighed and let that pair of idiots do as they please.

“My skills aren´t as good as I wish, but I can easily bake a vanilla or chocolate cake. Which one would you want to eat?”

Minami rolled her eyes once more wondering how on earth she was born in that house and if she was actually adopted. Masaru Daimon couldn´t be her father, oh no! He was insufferable, always meddling in her affairs and all hope of leading a normal life was screwed for good thanks to him and his reputation of being a former yankee!
Everybody, since she was in the kindergarten, assumed that she would be a yankee like him because she was a Daimon.

And let´s not begin with the most recent news…about her being chosen to lead a gang because of her being Masaru Daimon´s daughter!

“Hey, hey. Tsubasa-san isn´t coming today?” asked Agumon. Minami, North and     Higashi were the “3 musketeers” and it was rare when one of the trio was absent.

“He´s still in detention” explained North “Hopefully the teacher will let him go before night”

“I doubt it!” Minami smirked “Not after getting in a fight with the teacher himself!”

Tsubasa Higashi was the most feared guy from the entire district much to his poor mother ´s delight. Yoshino Fujieda , now a captain in the police squad, wouldn´t be thrilled when she learns that her dear child was again in the verge of expulsion.

“I LOVE that guy!” Masaru laughed his lungs off ” Minami, if you decide to date him you have my BLESSINGS”

“NEVER IN THIS LIFE” replied the daughter vehemently ” You are nuts if you believe, for a second, that I would date a guy who´s like my father!”

Masaru contained an hysterical laugh. He SO loved teasing his child! Her frowning reminded him of Tohma, of course Minami had the Northstein´s blood running in her system as well. Masaru, years ago, discovered that Relena (Tohma´s beloved little sister) blossomed into a very beautiful lady;  after dating for a couple of months Masaru proposed to her which ended with an elopement   to Osaka and got married there! Even at the present  day Tohma still couldn´t forgive Masaru for stealing his dear sister and would treat his now brother-in-law with gelid manners.

“Why not? Ain´t I the best ?” he couldn´t resist that part “A handsome man?”

“Handsome who?” Minami added her part ” You, agumon?”

“See?” Agumon laughed as well “Minami finds me attractive!”

Masaru pretended to be hurt.

“You  were so adorable when you were still wearing your diapers. How on earth did you turn to be such a poison Ivy girl?”

North covered her mouth in order not to burst in a laughter herself.

“I don´t know! “Minami stood up and showed a malicious smile, the smile of a fighter ready to enter the arena “I guess at the same time as you! Or at least Grandmother says so!”

An electric wave emerged from both Daimons.

“Are you challenging your old man?” smirked Masaru
“Any time, anywhere” she smirked as well ” So?”

Agumon and North exchanged a patient look.

” Bring it on, kid!”

And true to their essence, father and daughter went outside to do the most natural thing in the Daimon´s house: a kick boxing session!

” And Minami wonders why no guy dares to confess to her “giggled  North while watching them fight with all their might ” Those two love fighting a bit too much…”
“Always” Agumon
“But in the end, Minami is the luckiest”
“How come?” the digimon stared at North, surprised with her latest comment.
“Because I wish I could be like that with father…” reflected North in the end “I barely see him at home…nope, I barely know that individual …”

Agumon felt sorry for the blonde girl and grabbed her hand.

“So silly” declared the digimon “That asshole isn´t a genius at all! ” the digimon couldn´t comprehend why Tohma Norstein wouldn´t come home more often and try to bond with his child. Whenever he wanted to accept it or not, he helped creating a new life and it was his duty to take care of his precious offspring.

North smiled and kissed the digimon´s forehead.

“Thank you! If I ever turn into a digidestined like uncle, I would be the happiest if my future digimon turns to be an Agumon like you!”

“Can´t wait to see!” laughed Agumon ” You´d be the cutest digidestined!”

“And Minami would be the strongest…” predicted North.



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