The Angel of Love

The Angel of Love by Ayhelenk


“It´s okay, Bagramon” began to say Sora ” You aren´t the first, the only and the last one who carries a baggage filled of mistakes. If you look around, NOBODY is an exemption. In several moments of our lives..we SCREWED UP. Sometimes lightly, sometimes horrendously. But guess what?”

The repentant fallen angel stopped looking at the ground and for the first  time he allowed himself to look at the Digidestined of Love ´s eyes.
Instead of  harsh judgement he met with warmth, instead of preaching he met with empathy. His body trembled a bit, threatening to break down in tears. But Bagramon managed to retain his cool and kept listening.


“You did what you did because you were dragged into the Chaos. You were hurting, you were self-loathing and of course you couldn´t help but being overwhelmed by Chaos” The girl got closer to him , smiling like a beautiful sunflower “You tried to chase away the Darkness and yet you fell. But so did I. So did the others. We struggled for countless of times to overcome it, holding a sense of doubt in every step not knowing if we were taking the right choices. Even I questioned Heaven. I questioned the meaning of Love. I , for a long time, dreaded it since I wasn´t sure I was someone capable of feeling it in the first place”

“And what did you do?” Bagramon kept staring at her face, watching carefully the intensity of her eyes.

“I was reminded that I was Sora Takenouchi” she sighed but it was a sigh filled with sweetness instead of tiredness “I was reminded that I am who I am and my own actions proved that I was not only capable of feeling love but also spreading it as well!” she giggled “Two dear friends reminded me that the first step to overcome darkness is to acknowledge myself and let go any regrets…because I can change whatever I want in order to spread my wings and reclaim my happiness!”

Bagarmon opened his mouth, impressed. Just a glimpse at her eyes  showed him that he was right the first time when, at his failed attempt to travel through time and space to gather digidestineds from several realities, that there was Greatness inside the 01 reality´s digidestineds. The wielder of Love was a fine example of what he tried to show to Taiki Kudo and the rest about the true essence of being a digidestined in order to defeat Quartzmon…

“I rebelled against Heaven, screwed up my own timeline more than once and my carelessness while traveling unprotected through the multiverse helped Lucemon´s cause and…reality 06 is no more! I have no home to save!” he shook his head several times , devastated.

“I disagree. We can still save everybody” Sora´s tone became stronger “I have the feeling that your timeline and the others that were lost in this whole insanity can be recovered…yes, I TRULY BELIEVE IT” and she touched her chest “My heart KNOWS”

She remembered all the times she thought everything was doomed but in the darkest hours a miracle happened. Always.

” Everybody is giving their best to defeat Lucemon´s madness. I am willing to do my part. What about you, Bagramon?”

Bagramon remained silent for a good while, processing Sora´s words.

“How are we supposed to win?” He asked in the end.

Sora herself didn´t have the answer but instead of looking for one she let her intuition do her part.

“Kibou no Hikari, my dear angel. That´s it!”

Bagramon finally showed a hopeful smile.

“Very well” he stood up ” Angel of Love, I shall protect you from now on…”


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