Digidestined Steve and the Ladies-in-waiting

Steve and the Ladies-in-waiting by Ayhelenk

“Mirei, dear, your ladies are aware about our relationship. Right?” said Steve

“Yeah, they know we share the same asshole known as father” answered Mirei.

“Then why are they staring at me with murder intentions?”

Mirei showed a bright yet malevolent smile.

“Oh yeah?”

“Turn your head around and tell me what you see”

Mirei did as he said and smiled at both Angewomon and Ladydevimon. Then she proceeded to take away her glasses and put them over Steve

“Mirei-sama?!” asked the female digimons, fuming. Mirei never did that before and since her glasses were one of her treasures, they certainly did not appreciate the gesture!

“Oh my dear Jaime! You look SO dashing with them..you ought to wear my glasses from now on!” Mirei spoke in such a pristine yet suspicious tone that Steve felt a chill going through his spine.

“Jaime?” he frowned “What the hell are you plotting this time, sis?”

Ladydevimon and Angewomon exchanged a look and their auras began to burn, ready to begin a wave of destruction in a minute or other.

“Moi? I don´t know what you are talking about”

She feigned innocence, as always.

” But I swear that I, as Cersei Lannister, will always love you….”

“What?!” Steve was confused as hell,  having never read the Game of Thrones´s he did not get the  reference  but Mirei´s words  immediately reached her companions and were the spark needed to ignite  their inner TNT!

“YOU ARE DEAD!!!” yelled the ladies at the same time and the following instant Steve Worthington found himself running for his dear life….


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