The challenge

This is an excerpt from “The Challenge” Tie-in Mini .


The Challenge by Ayhelenk

“What´s the Digital World?” insisted Magnus.  It´s not like he wasn´t familiarized at all with technology…no, actually, he was a genius. His skills in the world of technology were on vie with his music; Magnus Takariyama actually was known as the “Waltz prince of computers” when not playing the piano. Still, he learned that an innocuous word may hold a significant, different meaning in the Slumber world…

“Earth´s digital counterpart, inhabited by beings made of data called Digimons. Many believe that Earth comes first and the other world is just a consequence of it´s actions while others believe that the Digiworld precedes the human world by at least a thousand of years …”

“And which theory is the right one?”

The angel remained silent.

“Come on! Now I´m dying of intrigue!”

“And why not trying to find out by YOURSELF?”




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