The beginning of romance

The beginning of romance by Ayhelenk
“If you take off yours, I shall show you mine…”

Lord Angemon finally persuaded nurse Angewomon to let go of her helmet and she couldn´t help but blush like a Victorian lady when seeing HIS handsome face.

“Is your heart beating as fast as mine?” he smiled , enjoying every moment.
“And what about this?” and his hand touched hers, pressing gently.
“Oh my!” her face was as red as tomato and the lord couldn´t help but wanting to tease her a bit!
” Your cheeks are quite reddish, my dear nurse. Are you sure you are feeling OK?” and he winked an eye
“I am!” she never felt so shy like that moment. How come she was always firm and stoic when in duty and behaving like a melting ice-cream when alone with him?!
He kept caressing her hand.
“Good ” he sat closer to her “Because I enjoy your company very much…”

At the end of that very same day, the Lord and the nurse were officially embarked in the so called romance….


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