Switching sides

“Do you think Eden is about razing an entire world, countless of lives?!” shouted Shizuka “Please! open your eyes!”

The angels kept standing, still pointing their weapons at the girl.

“What are you waiting for, you pair of idiots? Finish her once at all!!” demanded Lucemon ” Without their 11th, the 10 jackasses won´t make it…!”

The angels were conflicted. They were supposed to follow their leader unconditionally but never expected meeting a child in the midst of a war!

“He made you believe the 10 Great Warriors are the enemy, that their purpose is destroying this world…but it isn´t! The light and the darkness realized that in order to survive they must join forces to protect what little lasts from HIM!” Shizuka´s finger pointed bravely at Lucemon

“Finish her!!!”

Magna Angemon and Angewomon exchanged a look and suddenly they turned around and pointed their weapons at Lucemon!

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!!” Lucemon almost lost it.  Had they just switched sides?!

“True heaven isn´t a consequence of destroying the Digiworld” sentenced Magna Angemon
“Perfection cannot be achieved when you seek to kill everybody” added Angewomon “We shall follow you no more!”

And Shizuka Kimura realized that she finally met true angels…


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