A maiden in love

From chapter XIX:


Meanwhile Palmon was taking care of the Cowboy hat (which by the way was her partner´s most prized treasure besides her) while resting over the director´s chair. Not that  Quentin Tarantino minded a bit, he was so busy moving forth and foward and driving nuts the entire crew to realize that  someone else was sitting on his prized chair. Had Tarantino known it´s positive that he ´d  gone rogue alla Kill Bill mode, ready to make a  sashimi of Palmon.

Despite sitting on the director´s chair Palmon´s mood wasn´t as jolly as expected. She was rather grim and the main reason was Makoto;the digimon didn´t exactly fancy his newest conquer,  lately the actress had been hogging Makoto too much for herself! It was so irksome! Thanks to Michaela Knight Palmon  wasn´t getting much attention from  her beloved digidestined .

Whenever there was a break, miss Knight would immediately look for Makoto and drag him to her side in such a bothersome way that Palmon ´s green eyes shone with jealousy. Hopefully Makoto will grow sooner than later bored of miss Knight and go back into the sweet, attentive digidestined that usually pampered his digimon!

Palmon cheeks blushed…if only she could achieve the Rosemon´s form for longer periods! She wouldn´t mind deepening digital and human bonds like Tia Yagami and Sakuyamon…her maiden heart began to project a 3-D romantic movie in her mind,   in a Gone with the Wind style and she was Scarlet O´Hara while Makoto was Rhett Butler…of course, their story would have a much happier  ending! Her green eyes sparkled little hearts…yay! That would be SO AWESOME! She was already picturing wearing the frilly costumes and loving each other so much that their mansion would be filled with at least a dozen of kids!

Pitty she couldn´t update her blog with such romantic ideas…her cellphone was a complete mess and was driving her crazy.

“Oh come on!” she whined “I can´t live without updating my Insta and Face at least once per day!!” she was fighting with the device “Come on! work! work!”

After several struggles, something showed up in the screen. A single , huge symbol . The number 8.



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