Partners by Elizabeth2003


“Did you think I was going to let you all by yourself at this Apocalypse hour?” Nova showed up next to the falling angel ” Come on!”

The angel smiled joyfully.
It was disaster time and several realities were at stake, yet he couldn´t be happier.

“My Supreme form vanished so I´m afraid I can´t stop Chronos…we´ll be engulfed in the disaster in the following seconds”
“Well! So let´s do it in the old fashioned way and regain your vitality via my digivice!”
“Even so, I may not be able to stop the catastrophe”
The girl took his hands and pressed them hard. For a moment she wasn´t thinking in the realities but about them…what if…?

“But I am borrowing some of your powers, my dear partner so instead of preventing the monster wave we may slide on it”
“So, like always!”

It wasn´t the first cataclysm they faced and probably it wouldn´t be the last.

“Protocol 8  should be” sighed Nova still looking fiercely at his face “The others already activated…now it´s pour turn ”

His fingers caressed hers and smiled at the ghostly figure that was floating above Nova.  She wasn´t really a ghost but her partner´s other self, which still haven´t awakened yet. The other angel smiled as well as if saying that everything will be okay.

“Activating Protocol 8” said Angemon and Nova´s digivice shone like never before “See you on the other Side, my dear partner…”
“See you on the other side…”


From the upcoming chapter 20


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