Meet Magnus Takariyama

“So you are WILLING to break the boundaries of time and space?”

“SURE!” replied Magnus without giving a thought ” That would be a heck of an ADVENTURE!”

And because it was only a dream of course he had no qualms on replying by impulse. Magnus couldn´t actually fathom the possibility that even as a dream, he was dealing with the REAL DEAL.

“Very well” the angel reached Magnus´s side and touched his right wrist. The teenager felt a sudden warmth flocking through his entire system…but it wasn´t unpleasant at all. In fact, he never felt so good in his 16 years of life ” Go ahead and break those boundaries…and when time comes, you´ll have to RESPOND to MY CHALLENGE”


“I am looking forward to your progress…and if anything should happen to you, your following incarnation will take over. Good luck!”


Excerpt from A Beginning

* * * *

You are cordially invited to join digidestineds from 12 realities into one of the craziest adventures from the whole series and see who´s the one standing victorious in the so called Angels Wars. Everything began with Magnus Takariyama, Takeru Takaishi´s past life.
In the end, Takeru and the current digidestineds must join the challenge and defeat Lucemon´s madness….


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