The Holy Violinist

The Holy Violinist by Elizabeth2003

A continuation from this and , music plays an important role in my fic.  I dedicate this piece to everybody who ´s down and wants a hug…this is my token of appreciation for my dear watchers and readers :hug:


A certain time passed and neither Digidestined nor Digiangel made any progress when about bonding as partners.
The girl still was wary of the angel and the angel still resented her not being Takeru, his first human.

But in the end, the angel finally thought of a way of building a bridge and mastered something he knew for sure she liked: the art of music.

And one night, he stood up in front of Nova and asked her to watch closely.

“What?” she asked, puzzled.

He smiled gently and instead of replying, he summoned his golden staff and much to her astonishment the weapon suddenly was converted into a golden violin!

“After a while I realized that I am, indeed, different from the others. My codes may have been altered for good but I am not dreading it anymore” his smile grew wider “I think I finally understand a bit more about your brother´s feelings…how could not anyone appreciate something so beautiful, so ethereal and miraculous than THIS?”

Tears began to flow on the girl´s face when the angel´s violin played Bach´s Ciaccona (from  Partita in D minor for solo violin)! She couldn´t help it, the sound was so pristine, so beautiful that it was impossible not to feel touched by its magic. ( You can listen it here :pointr::pointl:)

” After watching one of Perlman-sama´s performances, I finally understood how grateful I am for living. I am grateful for meeting a person who introduced me to MUSIC….above all, I am grateful for having you as my new partner…shall we begin again and be friends…?”

Nova ´s response was by picking her own violin and accompanying him in the piece.

“Yes” she smiled in the end “My partner…”


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