The Goddess of Love got her Beloved

The Goddess of Love got her Beloved by Elizabeth2003


Mimi´s  reality nº 12 counterpart is a digidestined guy called Makoto Tachikawa (by the way,  the name´s been suggested by Flapinko)
He´s 28 years old and is  the Digidestined of Sincerity  but sometimes he tends to act more like the Digidestined of Love due to his playboy nature Giggle
And in his list of romances, there´s Venusmon!

Years ago, when he was 20, the Olympos XII began a war between themselves that threatened to tear down the Digiworld. Summoned by Kabuki Sakuyamon, the digidestineds did the best they could to put an end the the Gods´s war.

During those uncertain times, Makoto had no better idea than getting one of the gods´s support by wooing Venusmon!
His charms and self-confidence did the trick and the Goddess of Love fell for the digidestined. (Like explained in this previous piccie:

“Oh…if only I could make you my wife!” said Makoto that night while laying on the bed “But I, a mere human, am not worthy of you…”

Venusmon giggled, that arrogant yet handsome human certainly knew how to flatter a Goddess.

“It´s ok, darling. ” and she kissed him on the lips ” I can WAIT”

For her it was settled, Makoto Tachikawa agreed to become her fiancé…

Fast forward 8 years  and Venus finally got tired of waiting for him so she decided to look after her future husband.

Being tipped by Kabuki Sakuyamon, Tia Yagami and Miyako Ishida , the Goddess learned that her beloved Makoto was working in Hollywood! (not as an A-list actor but a double stunt) And following Tia Yagami and Miyako Ishida´s advice, the Goddess assumed a human identity. (Shown in this other piccie )
So what´s the best best way to meet her man than becoming an actress as well? And she became Michaela Knight (she initially signed as Michaela Washington but her agent suggested a more fitting stage name) , Digidestined Michael´s reality 12 counterpart!

At first she didn´t tell Makoto about her true identity and ended seducing him as Michaela. Chasing after him was SO fun!

Enter Lucemon and his minions, messing several realities at the same time and Michaela eventually had no choice but to reassume her original form in order to help the digidestineds and protect her Makoto.

In this scene,  she finally achieved her goal!

“Oh, wow…wow…wow…” mumbled Makoto “I can´t believe I forgot about my promise during all these years!”
“You are forgiven, my dear” she kept playing with his cowboy hat “Mhhh…it fits me, doesn´t it?”
“Like a gorgeous glove, Venus-chan” he was trying to regain some breath. Venusmon insisted on loving each other all night and the chosen of Sincerity barely slept “Again, sorry for being an idiot”

She kissed him on the lips

“Apologies accepted, my dear husband” her smile was as radiant as always “Sakuyamon and Tia actually explained me that at that time you were too young and too stupid to be a proper husband material”

He blushed.

“…I can´t argue with that, I guess. Did they say anything else?” it was hard to admit that he wasn´t as perfect as he always thought he was. In retrospective, his past self was narcissistic, self-centered and fickle.

“Yes, they explained about your parents´s divorce when you were one 8, the lack of a stable and loving family and their part on your commitment issues”

Makoto opened his eyes, impressed. Yeah, the bitter divorce of his folks and their self-centered love life (each had a lover even before getting the papers) and rarely paying attention to the child…that´s why he never really looked forward to get married himself.

“I´m a broken fella, dear. And desptie bearing the crest of Sincerity I am the one who lies the most…are you really sure you want this man as your partner for all eternity?”

“I was already warned about your flaws, the girls you loved and your inherent egoism “she shrugged her arms “But I am not forcing you to fulfill your promise , not this time”

His eyes opened wide.

“You aren´t….?” after all this chasing, she gave up?!

“I can always go ahead with the other candidate” her smile grew wider

Makoto thought he was listening wrong.

“The other…what?!”

Venusmon , still playing with the hat nonchalantly declared:

“Oh yes! After becoming Michaela, by chance I found another one worthy to be my husband…you already know him: Ryo Akiyama”

“WHAT?!!!!!!” he incorporated abruptly, as if he was bitten by a bee “AKIYAMA?!”

The digidestined of Sincerity knew pretty well the digidestined of Light and Hope, they´ve  sorta been rivals since middle school. Just imagining his dear Venusmon being loved by that jerk made Makoto´s blood boil!

“OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!!” he exclaimed and attracted Venusmon to his side ” Please, reconsider your words!”

“Why should I? He´s willing to be my hubby, he´s not afraid of committing himself to me…” she kissed his nose ” If he´s good in the love arts as you, then I can rest assured I will be a very happy wife”

“NO! NO! NO!” and Makoto found himself begging at her to marry him. “I PROMISE TO LOVE YOU, RESPECT YOU AND BEING YOUR DEVOTED PARTNER FOR ALL ETERNITY!!”

And his eyes showed such desperation that she almost lost it , only God knows how she didn´t succumb to a burst of laugher

“So you want to be my husband, Makoto-kun?”

“YES! ”

“Very well, I shall accept”

“Oh, my god! I love you so much!!!” he hugged and kissed her with passion “I´ll never look at another woman in my whole life…”

“Of course you won´t. You are mine”

And they loved each other once again, with passion and verve.

Much , much later, while Makoto was sleeping, floored after so much loving, Venusmon summoned her cellphone and texted the following message to Tia Yagami and Miyako Ishida:

Thank you so much for your advice. It worked!

The following minute Tia Yagami was texting back:

Congratulations! See? Told you it would be a piece of cake

And Miyako Ishida texted as well:

Congratulations on taming the Cowboy. Good for you!

And that was the beginning of Makoto Tachikawa´s life as a husband…


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