Watching over his sleep

Watching over his sleep by Elizabeth2003


A continuation from this

Time passed and Nova Takariyama still couldn´t figure out how to recover her digivice from the Hell´s Angel´s claws.
3 years ago he ditched the promise to help her find the missing brother so she banished him to the Digital World.
But as the bad weed, the angel returned and made himself home in Juilliard and to make sure he wouldn´t be banished again to the other world, he naturally took a hostage , a.k.a the digivice.

“OK, THAT´S IT! TONIGHT I´M FINDING MY CURSED DEVICE AND THEN AU REVOIR ANGEL!” mumbled her one night, late night and after making sure he was completely asleep on the couch she began the quest.
She looked everywhere, at every inch of the dorm…but heck! Angemon certainly made sure it was well hidden!

“YOU ARE MEAN!” said Nova in the end, exhausted and ill-humored “WHERE DO YOU KEEP IT?!”

The angel only rolled on the couch, still asleep.

“You are having sweet dreams, right?!” still annoyed, Nova got closer to him ready to pinch his cheeks. If she couldn´t sleep he shouldn´t either!

Suddenly,  to Nova´s surprise, tears began to roll all over his face.

“Takeru…don´t you dare to hurt…Takeru…”

The girl was left dumbfounded. Was he having a nightmare?!

“Devimon…here I am…I don´t mind giving up my life…don´t hurt..don´t hurt the kids…”

Those words, said with such intensity touched the girl´s heart and instead of playing the prank she initially thought about…she softly moved his head and sat down. Then she made him lean over her legs and began to caress his head.

“Angel-kun” she whispered at his ear ” Do not give into fear…you are not alone….I am here. Ok?”

Angemon was caught in a bad dream, in the sad  memories of his previous life but Nova´s sweet voice somehow reached his heart and moments later he found himself in another, much pleasant dream.

Nova seemed relieved when she noticed both his face and breath much more relaxed and she could pretty much had left and gone back to her bed. Instead, she kept accompanying him.

” See? You can always change a bad ending….” she whispered at his ear once more ” But I still cannot forgive you for being a pain in the ass….” and that was the last thing she remember saying before falling asleep as well…
When the next day arrived, Ange was certainly surprised when he found out he wasn´t the only one resting on the sofa.

“NO. WAY” he thought he was still dreaming “What the heck is she doing here?!”

The situation was weird at best but he couldn´t say he disliked it. In fact, it was the first time he woke up feeling fresh and rested…and his mood was lighter as well. So maybe her spending the night with him helped alleviate his constant nightmares?

While he was thinking about it, he couldn´t help but stare at her sleepy face. And that was the moment he saw a ghostly yet radiant angelic silhouette emerging from the girl´s aura!

She was wearing a helmet like him and her smile was the sweetest thing he ever saw. She was indeed beautiful! He tried to touch her face only to vanish in the act.

“What was that?!” he whispered, intrigued to death “Who´s she?!”

And that was when Nova finally woke up.

“Good morning, partner” he greeted at her “Care to explain what´re you doing here?”

Nova´s cheeks blushed vividly but she´d rather ran all over Central Park before admitting she looked after him the entire  night.

“You SNORE like a lumberjack ” was her response and hurried back to her bedroom.

The angel was astonished.

“NO WAY!!”


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