Meet digidestined Ling Luo

Meet digidestined Ling Luo by Elizabeth2003

Meet Ling Luo, from reality 10. Ancestor of digidestined Hui Luo  (Digimon D-Cyber manhua ).
She was 15 when she became a digidestined, right after she ran away from an arranged marriage interview!
Ling was granted a Kudamon as a digimon and protected the Digiworld for a long time.

Tempus Angemon chose her as a part-time Supreme as well and she was indeed a very good one. Unfortunately Lucemon´s minion went back through time and space and captured Ling thus creating another paradox, preventing the current digidestineds from D-Cyber from ever existing!

She´s been shown in chapter XVII among other kidnapped digidestineds.


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