“I don´t know what are you trying to pull, miss” he said “But nobody aside Tk is allowed to give me orders. You are not my partner! Got it?”
“You mean the little boy?” Nova felt dubious for a second but her motivations didn´t wave ” Wait…there´s something I still don´t get from my digivice…mr angel…have you ever used this technique before?”
“I am Magna Angemon!” the angel bit his lips, trying not to loose it” And what´s that question?”
“Your first time using the technique, yes or no?”
“My first time in this form!!! satisfied?”

“Look at Magna Angemon´s face” interrupted Ryo , joking” He looks like Nova just  asked him if he was a virgin!”
His words were a bit unfortunate and Ruki channeled the group´s feelings with a studied slapping.
“You cannot be more stupid, can you?”
“waaa!!” Agumon shouted “Akiyama died again!”
Ruki´s strength could rise godlike level when in tsundere mode and for a minute the digimons could see Ryo´s soul emerging from his body. But the group continued viewing the movie anyways…


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