Meet the Digidestined from England

Meet Steve Worthington III, a digidestined from England!
He´s 23 years old and ready to conquer hearts!:giggle:
Meet the Digidestined from England by Elizabeth2003
Originally from Reality 01Ω , Steve was one of the 4  chosen by Tempus Angemon to join a select group of digidestineds known as the Supremes.
Since then they ´ve been residing mainly in Reality 01 (Taichi & co´s universe) but when the angel of Time is in need of assistance, they are ready to travel to several timelines and fight against those who make use of the forces of Chaos to threaten the Holy Equilibrium of universes.
But guess what? Steve is a digidestined who owns no digimon because he´s his own Digimon! He´s half human, half digital angel so that makes him an Hybrid.

He usually evolves into Piddomon but he´s in fact the human incarnation of a much more powerful Digital Angel: Clavis Angemon.

There´s another fun fact, he holds a deep borderline obsessive love towards the Digidestined of Love: Sora Takenouchi. He´d been infatuated with her for years, which of course Yamatto Ishida is pretty aware of and no wonder the Digidestined of Friendship holds a deep grudge against the English digidestined. Who wants to be friends with the fella who´s wooing your girlfriend?

But sooner or later Steve will learn to let go of those feelings and when he finally does, then he will  be able to embrace true Love ….


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