Meet Ange

Meet Ange, the human identity that an  Angemon assumed so he could move around the human world without causing a hassle to his partner Nova.
But he hassles her anyways because he still catches everybody´s attention due to his innate bishieness XD

Unlike the other angemen, he cannot dedigivolve into a rookie form because his codes long time ago had been altered and was turned into a Hybrid. (In this case, half human, half digital angel) so since he spends most of his time interacting with humans he had no choice but to adopt a human ID as well. Initially he lamented such thing , now he actually enjoys it!

When he assumed his angelical form, he also has got a type of digievolution that other angemen don´t possess: Tempus Angemon.

In that form he´s the Digital Angel of Time and like Clavis Angemon his duty is to protect the holy equilibrium of realities :)


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