Meet the Digidestineds from Scotland

Meet the Digidestineds from Scotland by Elizabeth2003

Meet Elizabeth and Logan Montgomery digidestineds from Scotland! 23 years old and ready to kick asses!

Originally from Reality 01Ω , they were chosen by Tempus Angemon to join a select group of digidestineds known as the Supremes.
Since then they ´ve been residing mainly in Reality 01 (Taichi & co´s universe) but when the angel of Time is in need of assistance, they are ready to travel to several timelines and fight against those who make use of the forces of Chaos to threaten the Holy Equilibrium of universes.

They shared several adventures with Tai´s group but that doesn´t mean they like each other ; when they were 16 they went to Japan as exchange students and literally drove Taichi and Yamatto nuts during the 3 months they lived in Tokyo!   Especially Elizabeth since she´s by far the harshest towards the heroes.
Taichi ended nicknaming her as “Blair Witch ” which Elizabeth chose to take as a compliment instead of an insult :laughing:

Elizabeth has a Gabumon as a partner and Logan a Mihiramon.


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