The Slap



Ruki never liked Nova and now she liked the blonde digidestined even less.

” AND WHY SHOULD I GIVE ANY EXPLANATIONS TO THE SO CALLED QUEEN OF DIGIMONS? ” berated Nova, quite pissed off ” It´s fine if you dislike me, I 100% dislike you even more!

Taichi and Agumon were about to intervene but when Agumon began to say:

“Hey girls, let´s chill out a bit….”

The girls stared at them and Taichi  realized he could never be considered the digidestined of Courage anymore the minute he looked at their faces…the girls were much like tigresses, ready to eat them alive!

“Ok…go on” he mumbled, completely terrified.

” I HATE YOU MORE! ” Ruki shouted at Nova”WITCH!”

World War III would have begun had not Ryo Akiyama arrived at that moment.

” And here they´re my favorite girls! Are you in the mood for a good fight in the mud or what?”

30 seconds later, Ryo landed in the ground, KO.

“We don´t need your condescendence Akiyama!” yelled Ruki and Nova at the same time.

When Renamon and Angemon joined the others, Ryo was lying on the ground completely KO. The girls opted to greet their partners instead of checking on the fallen tamer.

“What happened?” asked Renamon shocked to see Ryo in that state.
“Akiyama was being Akiyama” replied Rika, unfazzed.

“Ryo is dead!” agumon cried “they killed him!”
“Oh no, he´s just fine”said Tai after a couple of minutes”He just wish they did!”


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