Meet Digidestined Minami

Meet Masaru Daimon´s reality 07 counterpart´s daughter Minami !

Meet Digidestined Mikami by Elizabeth2003
She  inherited from her legendary father a fierce spirit, an incredible strength  and  a strong sense of justice.
But she´s also as beautiful, sensible and bright as her mommy: Relena Norstein. (Which by the way Tohma NEVER forgave Masaru for snatching his  sister !)

And she also inherited something else from both the Daimon and Norstein trees: the tendency to meet trouble wherever she goes!

Despite promising her dear grandmother (Masaru´s mommy) to act like a proper lady in high school, it didn´t pass a week since the opening ceremony when trouble found miss Daimon!

She was ready to join the ceremony tea club (which for sure would had improved the bad rep  from middle school) but Fate intervened and ended becoming a sukeban! Being the leader of a gang wasn´t in her plans but how could she refuse when the entire school nominated her for the role?

And she was so thrilled the day she learned that the one who nominated her for such honor was none other than her cousin North (Kita Norstein, Tohma´s daughter ) and her best friend Higashi Tsubasa! (Yoshino Fujieda and Kouki Tsubasa´s son)  And by the way, Minami proudly tattooed 3 roses on her left arm as a symbol of her friendship with North and Higashi…

Of course, there´s also the Digimon affair; just like her folks Minami was inevitably dragged to the newest conflicts between the human world and the Digital World. Coronamon chose her as his new partner, wherever she wanted the job or not!

But in the end, they became the best friends and Minami is ready to kick the enemy ass !



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