Meet Digidestined Higashi

Meet Digidestined Higashi by Elizabeth2003


Meet Yoshino Fujieda´s reality 07 counterpart´s son Higashi  !

When DATS was disbanded, Yoshino passed to work as a police officer with Miki, Megumi, and Satsuma. Being a regular cop was pure boredom compared to be a digidestined and she actually welcomed the moments she chased after Kouki Tsubasa who dared to challenge her while  riding his motorcycle without a helmet. For a long time she was unable to catch him and Kouki ended laughing before escaping once more from the law. When she finally managed to arrest the fella, Kouki admitted pulling the whole circus just to attract her attention and ended confessing to her.

Still, she arrested him. Once he spent  a little while on jail and paid the pile of fines , Yoshino finally agreed to go on a date with him. A year later, they married!

Higashi is Minami Daimon and Kita Norstein´s partner in crime, ready to take over their high school and beat the other schools´s gangs.

Minami is the leader, North (kita) the consigliere and Higashi the Brick.

From Yoshino he inherited her beautiful eyes, her strong sense of justice and great admiration towards digimons. From Kouki he inherited his hair, his strength and his bad temper! (So despite being so handsome he never received a love confession or a Valentine chocolate because most of the girls are terrified of him)

Minervamon, one of the Olympus II, became smitten with him that she dedigivolved on purpose to the BlackGatomon form the first time they met so he would choose her as his digital partner. The trick worked and Higashi ( an ardent cat lover) practically dotes on her. (But he still doesn´t know about his cat ´s divine origin)


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