Angels in Times Square

Angels in Times Square by Elizabeth2003

“So, Nova, you used to live in New York?” asked Hikari Yagami while flocking through the Great Apple´s skies.

“For a couple of years, yeah” replied the only Angewomon who wasn´t wearing a helmet.

“Did you like it? ”

“Pretty much. Ange loved this city even more!” Nova smiled while letting the memories dance in her mind. She lived in that wonderful city until she was 18, but she had collected memories that would last for a milestone. And Ange certainly had plenty of fun while living as a New Yorker, in fact, he turned to be the most cosmopolitan Angemon from all the known realities!

“It´s a miracle Juilliard is still standing on a piece!”  joked Mirei Mikagura “I thought you were going to murder that clueless guy when he transformed into Angemon in front of everybody that time!”

“Almost did! ” admitted Nova and ended telling Hikari and the other Angewomon how an army of minions, one afternoon, lead by Nagisa Ichijouji (the female counterpart of Ken from reality 12) showed up unexpectedly inside the building and threatened to destroy everything unless the digidestined Nova and her Angemon showed up. Nagisa, at that time the self proclaimed digimon Kaiser, wanted to hunt all the digidestineds and do what the typical insane villain always do: create chaos. Of course the villain was defeated and so the conflict but neither Nova nor her partner were able to keep living in Juilliard after that. The presence of a holy angel wasn´t what the academy wanted as propaganda and second, they weren´t that willing to turn that place into a pilgrim site “That´s a bummer because I loved my dorm. ”

“And that´s why men sometimes are useless” added Mirei “Ask one of my girls if they are that sloppy!” and smiled at Mastemon, the jogress evolution of her partners Angewomon and Ladydevimon

“No thanks” Nova wasn´t particularly fond of Mirei´s partners, she´d likely pretend that Mastemon wasn´t in the group.

“Still afraid of, dearest Takariyama?” spoke Mastemon in a swift yet dark tone “It´s not like we were really going to follow through!”

“I ´d rather be in a pool filled with snakes before shaking my hands with any of you!” Nova´s words puzzled both Hikari Yagami and her angel and Nova had no choice but to explain ” Mastemon isn´t your average friendly Angewomon, she´s the psycho version of both Angewomon and Ladydevimon!”

“HAHAHAHAHA!” Mirei began to laugh, hysterical with the comment “So youa re still WARY of my girls!”

“YEAH! Since EVERYTIME I visited your lab, miss Mikagura, I would be treated with nothing else but DEATH THREATS!” Mirei was a Supreme as well and the few occasions she interacted with Nova Takariyama, Tempus Angemon and the rest of the Supremes the females would greet poor Nova with murder intents “I still don´t get it. How did they get the ridiculous idea that I was your GIRLFRIEND?!”

Hikari and Angewomon snorted.

“WHAT?! WHAT?!” Hikari coughed “REPEAT THAT!”

Mastemon grumbled.

“Mirei-sama  said so”

Nova´s face turned livid.

“MIKAGURA! SO YOU WERE THE ONE WHO SPREAD THAT NONSENSE?!” if she wasn´t still so afraid of Mastemon, she would had slapped Mirei´s face long time ago. Mirei began to laugh, clearly enjoying the situation. “STOP laughing! It´s not funny!”

” Payback for rarely requesting my services!” Mirei was a lovely yet insufferable sadistic “It´s not like I enjoyed being relegated to three universes and rarely hearing from the Boss!”

“…” Nova didn´t know what to say , she was on the verge of succumbing to a nervous breakdown “Well! I´d visited more often if your ladies in waiting didn´t plan my murder every bloody time!”

“Wait!” Hikari´s Angewomon took the word “You surely are only referring to Ladydevimon, right? Because no Angewomon will ever hold such kind of grudge against an innocent…!”

“Uh…no, both of them are equally insane” replied Mirei “They are as nuts as I! Besides, it was the best way to divert their attention so they wouldn´t murder each other…so Nova, thanks for being the scapegoat! My ladies and I managed to fulfill successfully each mission thanks for their mutual hatred towards my supposed girlfriend…”

“Mikagura, you are plain evil!” giggled Hikari, finding the whole situation hilarious ” So you made your partners jealous on purpose?”

“Oh yeah!” and Mirei wasn´t sorry at all

“Just like the old times, right Hikari?” Angewomon smirked ” When you did the best you could to drive poor Daisuke insane when toying with Takeru-kun. It´s aa miracle Motomiya didn´t murder the chosen of Hope”

“Hey! Hey!” Hikari wasn´t that fond of bringing back that part of her past. Not now that she finally realized how silly and cruel those traits were in the first place.

“So miss Yagami turned to be as wicked as I ?!  !” Mirei opened her mouth, wide ” I think I found my new BFF!!!”

Hikari´s face turned red.

” No!! I was just a kid…!”

“A lovely yet clueless kid” assented Nova ” Then Tk paid you back while wooing other girls in middle school”

“How many times do I need to be reminded of that?!” Hikari covered her face, annoyed ” I get it! Ok?! Making other people jealous on purpose is stupid!”

Angewomon and Nova exchanged a delighted gaze.

“But” Hikari continued “You certainly aren´t guiltless. Your dear husband, Ange, certainly shared some interesting anecdotes about you…Shall I tell?”

Nova desperately shook her head.  She was the head of the Supremes but that didn´t mean her book´s pages were as white as the snow. Nova also had a naughty side that Tempus Angemon certainly knew pretty well.

“Ok. I may had teased him as well from time to time…” admitted Nova in the end “But for years I thought I was the only one trapped in a non-requited love!” even she didn´t escape the cliché of teasing the fella you liked the most

“So you two finally became an item?” Mastemon smiled for the first time ” Well, now I can truly bury the hatchet Takariyama!”

“Bummer!” sighed Mirei

“Thanks Mastemon..” smiled Nova “But…”

“But…?” Mastemon wondered what Nova was going to add. They could finally be on friendly terms, right?

Nova Takariyama grinned.

“I am still not interested on having anything to  with the digital angel of MASTECTOMY “as hell Takariyama was going to be on friendly terms with the winged psycho after all this time!

“YOU. ARE. DEAD!!!” screamed Mastemon while Angewomon, Hikari and Mirei burst in a maniacal laugh.


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