Sora and the brits

Sora and the brits by Elizabeth2003



“It´s ok to do something stupid once in a while. Come on, Sora!” invited Elizabeth waving cheerfully her hand at the chosen of Love “The pool is calling your name as well!”

“I´m going!” sang both Gabumon and Piyomon, joining the party

Sora sighed. Those people were insane, skipping classes, swimming in unauthorized hours in their school uniforms…if they were caught, they would have to clean the toilets for a month at least!
And Yamatto would be so annoyed if he finds her befriending the hateful Steve Worthington…!

“Oh what hell!” she proceeded to take off her blazer, shoes and socks and jumped to the water “This is FUN!”

“YAY! ” congratulated Steve “Welcome to the group, princess!!”




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