Fist pals

Fist pals by Elizabeth2003
And after a rocky meeting, in the most animé cliché, Masaru Daimon and Steve Worthington III (a.ka. Piddomon) found out they have more in common than what they thought and ended becoming BFFS.

“Hey, you are not so bad” admitted Masaru in the end “Where did you learn some of your moves?”

“From a match between Arsenal and Tottenham” replied the angelical digidestined

“Aren´t those football clubs?”

“Yeah, mate, but you gotta watch out the fans…”

“You are kidding!”

Steve smirked. He wished!

“Are you ready to kick some baddies asses?” asked Steve.

“Certainly!!” replied Masaru ” I can´t wait to meet that guy called Lucemon and wipe the floor with his wings!”

“Ok, it´s a date!” and the angel left first.

“Yeah! Sure…er what?!” Masaru ´s eyes opened wide and looked at his digimon “Did he say the word DATE?”

Agumon couldn´t help but giggle.

“He did!” replied the digimon jokingly “Well, don´t forget to invite me to the wedding!”

“As if!”


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