A mushy-mushy interlude


An Angel in love II by Elizabeth2003

WARNING: Cheesecake romance that might fill your teeth with cavities!

This is another lovey dovey scene in which after finally confessed their true feelings , Ange and Nova can´t help but die into a passionate, lovingly relationship :giggle: (Like shown in this scene fav.me/d8xzlel and this one fav.me/d9bpuc5 …and let´s not forget the proposal in fav.me/d925b6v and fav.me/d9rnb7g !)

This scene takes place during the night previous on assaulting Lucemon´s HQs. After discussing several strategies with the army digidestineds and digimons, Ange (this Angemon is Nova´s partner and insists to be addressed in his human identity Ange Tempone to avoid being confused with other Angemen) suddenly took his girl´s hand and made her follow him to a more private place.

Tk´s patamon and Kari´s Gatomon saw them leaving and dying of curiosity, they followed the couple. Gatomon wanted to ask some more questions and Patamon, naturally, followed her friend.

Well, as soon as they caught up with the pair, the Patagato couple were left astonished with the scene taking place.

“…so what were you going to tell me…?” asked Nova, smiling.
“Guess!” said him before wrapping her body with his arms and placing a long, torrid kiss on her lips “My dear partner, I couldn´t wait anymore..I need you!” and kept kissing her tenderly.

“OH.MY.GOODNESS” whispered Patamon “They are like Tk and Kari!”
Gatomon ´s mouth could open more, the cat was astonished as well.

“Never imagined Angemon doing THAT to his partner!” Patamon kept whispering, impressed “WOW! WOW! WOW!”
“Holy digimentals!” Gatomon´s cheeks were about to explode yet she couldn´t unglue her eyes from the passionate scene.

“Ange…” moaned Nova , shy yet quite excited “Somebody could show up in a minute…”
“I don´t care” he giggled “It´s not like I want to keep our relationship a secret…” and he captured her lips again, but in the hurry his helmet accidentally ended hitting Nova´s forehead.

“Ouch!” she complained “Can´t you take that goddamed thing?! I´d rather enjoy your beautiful face in all its glory, anyways!”

The angel kissed her forehead.

“If you take out yours, then I´ll take mine” he teased

“I don´t wear a helmet”
“I meant…this” and he put a hand over her digivice, whose form was a bracelet “When you wear this, you hide your true form…”

Nova hesitated for a while, she rarely took off her digital bracelet. It was her brother´s reliquary and the only thing left from him…


“This is our time together” he insisted, softly “I want to deepen our love…without your brother´s presence, for once”

Magnus Takariyama had been missing for years and his younger sister, Nova, became a digidestined in order to find him and bring him back home. But while flocking through countless of realities, both she and Tempus Angemon (ANge) realized there were several evil elementes threatening to destroy the mutliverse´s balance…and Magnus´s search had to be postponed once and again so those threats could be stopped and the timelines, safe and unaltered…most of the time, at least.

Ange loved Nova with all his heart but sometimes he felt jealousy towards the ghostly presence of Magnus, and whished to have Nova´s full heart. Of course, her determination to find her sibling was what attracted him in the first place…ugh, love sometimes could be quite complicated!

“…ok..” she nodded her consent and Ange, swiftly took of both his helmet and her bracelet and threw them to the ground.

The following second, Nova´s appearance changed radically. When she wears her digivice, her hair is short and wears white and blue clothes.
Without the digivice her hair is long, wavy and wears casual clothes.

“My Angewomon…” he whispered, tightening their embrace “You look much, much better like that…”
“Everybody says so…but for the combats, I guess the short hair fits better” she giggled “Angewomon?”

She was curious, it was the first time he addressed her like that.

“Once we …” he whispered something to her ear, making her blush considerable. Patamon and Gatomon sighed, dying of curiosity. What the hell did he say to her? “…then, you´ll be able to digivolve in that form!”

Nova´s eyes opened wide.

“So I´m really Angewomon´s human counterpart after all?!”

No wonder why Ange and Nova felt so attracted to each other. Years ago, due to extraordinary circumstances, Nova Takariyama´s dna was altered and ended becoming an Hybrid. Ange too had his code altered, being half human and half digital angel…he also was an hybrid. And that also meant something else, they were equals and …able to engage into a physical relationship. And a look to his eyes, shining like two radiant sapphires indicated how ready he was to take the next step. The girl´s cheeks blushed so vividly that could melt an igloo!

“…I ..I love you so much that I too want it…” she kissed him “…oh! beware where you are placing those hands!” yep, he wanted to do something more than kissing

Patamon and Gatomon should had left, but hey! The show was SO interesting that their feet refused to move.

For once they weren´t going to be chased away byTk and Kari when they wanted to be in a cuddly session.

“It´s like the movies” declared Patamon “It looks fun!”
“..yeah…it is…” Gatomon was quite fascinated, it was as like looking at herself as Angewomon and Patamon as Angemon and god forbid the cat´s curiosity, but she wanted to see the finale!

Now she really began to understand what Piyomon and Palmon once said about Angemon and Angewomon being the destined partners…

The couple kept kissing, caressing and doing all the typical things that a couple in love used to do…but when Ange began to kiss her neck and whisper certain things on her ear, Nova gently put a stop at the romantic interlude.

“I want to do ALL of that…but I´d rather do it in a more comfortable place…like the presidential Suite in the Plaza Hotel”

Ange stopped and the desperation in his eyes made her giggle.

“Well, a huge, comfy bed is a must!” she couldn´t help but tease her lover “Not like I don´t want to enjoy the joys of love on the grass but remeber how the Digiworld is filled with countless of ears and eyes…!”

Ange let escape a large, heartfelt sigh. Then he looked around and noticed Patamon and Gatomon´s presence. He rolled his eyes, pleading for some saintly patience….how long had the pair been standing on the bushes, watching the affair?

“Watching is not for free” he smirked ” You naughty ones!”

Now, completely ashamed the patagato pair ended fleeing the scene.

“Ok, my love “he then turned his attention to his girl “I don´t mind waiting a bit more…but be prepared because I can´t guarantee I will be able to go ahead with our mission without stealing more precious kisses from you”

Nova began to laugh

“I´m looking forward to that!”





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