“How long have  I been looking for you, brother?

I already lost count of time…it could be a day or an eternity; like wandering spirit I have gone through time and space hoping to hear once more the sound of your beautiful piano…

No matter how many challenges I am faced with, no matter how many enemies threaten to bring chaos to the realities…I still believe that someday I will be able to find you. Because Hope never dies…

There are so many things I want to tell you. First, despite not having achieved my goal yet, I realized how blessed I am for all the wonderful people I happened to meet; second, you were right. I was fated to find Love and despite my best efforts, I was unable to outrun Him anymore.

Third, I carried one one of your dreams..I mastered the piano and can´t wait to play “Hey Jude” with you. I bet you´ll be surprised how many  things I gained during these years…sooner or later, I´ll find you”


Nova Takariyama



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